Saturday, August 1, 2020

SLI Trustees Meet, Organize for the
20-21 Business Year, Elect Officers

The Silver Lake Institute Trustees met for their annual organizational meeting in line with SLI By-Laws, and according to the rules of the CDC and NYS with regard to social distancing and the limitation on numbers of persons permitted in a gathering. This caused the meeting to be attended by Trustee members only with no visitors or guests, as has been the case during this Covid-19 pandemic. 

Residents may speak with any Board member to propose an agenda item or express a concern. Board Minutes are available to residents on the outside office bulletin board at 46 Wesley Ave. corner of Janes Ave.

Sharon Pratt's term as a Trustee was over this year and she preferred not to seek another term. The Rev. Tom Kraft was willing to serve for one year as a Trustee to keep the full complement of Trustees in tact. He was warmly welcomed by the Board members. 

Three other current Trustees were confronted with their terms expiring but they each agreed to serve an additional one year during the time that an annual meeting of cottage owners is not permitted under NYS regulation with regard to group size. 

The annual August election of officers took place today and the following Trustees were elected: President Kevin Colburn agreed to serve another year as SLI President; Kris Schultz who was preparing during this past year, was elected as Vice President; Lance Seeber was re-elected as Secretary; and Jill Knitter who also was preparing for the position this past year, was elected Treasurer. Thanks to each who have agreed to serve, prepared, and received the respect of their colleagues by way of election.

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