Friday, August 28, 2020

Silver Lake Gets a High-Wind, Rain Storm Thursday Shortly After 5:00 pm

As yesterday afternoon's radar-evident storm came across Lake Erie at the Town of Akron and made its was eastward, the bright sky was clearly turning dark from sometime around 4:00 p.m. It grew so dark by the time it reached Wyoming County that Julie Hoffner of Ames Ave. Walkway no longer had enough natural light on her front porch to continue her book reading. Walking neighbors so often see her concentrating on this regular hobby but never so much that she can't stop to look up and warmly greet them which often turns into a conversation.

Besides a lack of natural outdoor light, Julie commented that she also had to come back into her cottage for fear of nearly blowing away. The wind, indeed, had become strong. The television had been blaring those annoying buzzer weather warnings about every three minutes announcing not only this more southern located storm but another passing to our north. We were being warned of ping-pong-sized hail, capable to hurting humans and damaging windows, siding, and trees. We were fortunate to have limited rain and no hail, but the wind made up for it.

One weather report said our area had experienced a 60-mile-per-hour gust. At this point we have not heard of any local damage or injury for which we are thankful.

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