Thursday, August 6, 2020

Feeding the Soul in 2020 and beyond

Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it. Granted, the pandemic of 1918 was too long ago for most of our current memories but it historically still exists for our benefit. One of the issues in the 1918 pandemic was the wearing of face masks--sound familiar?

In 1918, citizens of the United States gave up what was considered by some to have been "a reasonable amount of personal freedom" for the sake of one's individual health, family and friends' health, the nation and the world's health by "willingly" wearing masks. Most of us are now still here as a nation and as a world because of these historic actions. 

Today, as was true 102 years ago, our actions must adjust to our circumstances. Freedom of Speech does not include yelling "Fire" in a crowded movie theater when there is no threatening fire. An organized, yet rapid exit is the appropriate action when there IS a fire. The "freedoms" of Panic, screaming, pushing, trampling over others is not the set of actions which will bring a highly successful exit when there IS an actual danger. 

We must remember that our freedoms regarding our hands and fists, end where out neighbor's nose begins. Is not the same true of actions that could cause infection? If our neighbor has the coronavirus and breathes in your direction without a mask and without distance, is that not also infringing on our freedom of personal space and health?

Today, as in history, we all are in need of good, old fashioned discipline, patience, and awareness. We all need to set aside the "freedom" of inappropriate actions, while in the midst of a pandemic, in favor of the discipline of wearing a mask. 

Discipline, however, without patience, can often result in personal torture. The discipline of wearing a mask and exercising social distancing (especially indoors) is absolutely essential to our survival until such a time as a vaccine may become available that is both safe and effective. 

We are not able to visually see the virus cells, but it is essential that we become, and remain, aware of our invisible enemy. Here is one case where imagining or mentally imaging these invisible beasts may help us in remaining aware of our surroundings and therefore remaining healthy.

DPA (discipline, patience, and awareness) is the prescription for our souls in these unusual and historical days. We must feed our souls on the nutrients which will help us to both physically, mentally, and psychologically survive to tell the story for future generations. Plagues, like history, have a powerful tendency to repeat themselves.

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