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Monday, August 31, 2020

This Thursday at Asbury Retreat Center Reuben or Grilled Ham and Cheese

 Includes Additional Choice: 

Chicken Noodle or Minestrone Soup; Crackers, Pickle, Brownie.
This is Drive-Thru only for $12.00. Please call in advance at 237-5272

ALL are Welcome!

Summer Blow Out Labor Day Weekend


(with option to stay through Labor Day)

  • Rent a Cottage, Room, or bring your Camper (starting at $50/night)
  • Or Come for the Day (All activities and meals can be purchased a la carte!)
  • Enjoy the Lake with canoes/ kayaks/ paddle boat
  • Pontoon Boat Ride, Fishing, Archery, Lawn Games, Relax by Silver Lake
  • Ice cream Sundaes or Milkshakes ($3.00)
  • Saturday, September 5th (11am-4pm): Beef on Weck, Mac & Cheese, Veggies/Dip, and Cookie ($12)
  • Sunday, September 6th (11am-4pm): Hamburger, Hotdog, or Italian Sausage, Macaroni Salad, Bag of Chips, Brownie ($12)

CLICK BELOW for PRICING and RESERVE at 585-237-5262 or

16 Lakeside, Silver Lake
(Just South of Perry, Off Route 39, Right on Chapman)

For individual pricing, click on:

Nice Weather for this Week

Highs this week should be from the high 70's through the low 80's with overnight temperatures in the mid-to-low 60's. A slight chance for a spotty brief shower daily; overall there will be a lot of sun.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

For More Weekend Humor, click on:

For More Weekend Humor, click on:


For More Weekend Humor, click on:

News Briefs

UPDATE -- SPECTRUM appears to have corrected most of the telephone problems that I reported. My regular number, 493-4003, is now back in service.

A VERY COLD WIND off the Lake caused the SLI Devotional / Worship Service to be cancelled for the first time this summer! Next Sunday is the last service for SLI residents.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

ALL are Welcome!


Labor Day Weekend Blow Out at Asbury

For individual pricing, click on:

Cessna 172 Skyhawk Lands on the Lake last Sunday for local visits, landings

 The rather loud landing of the 172 provided additional entertainment for persons out and around the Lake. Such were those who had just finished their Worship at the SLI Dock when they were treated to the spectacle. (Where were you when you heard or saw it?) It's mission was to visit and provide flight for the Tschorke family whose cottage is on Lakeside Ave. at the foot of Chapman Ave. between the Asbury Retreat Center and the Silver Lake Institute on the east side.

The guest pilot, Martha Anne Pickard, gave short rides to members of the Tschorke family and their guests over the weekend. In addition to landing at their home base at Canandaigua Airport, they also practiced landings at Conesus and Canandaigua lakes. The guest pilot was accompanied by certified flight instructor Ace Rowley from the Rochester Air Center where flight instruction can be sought at 585-328-8839.

Watershed Commission to Contribute $25K to the Gates Project at the Dam

Last Monday, August 24th was the special session of the Silver Lake Watershed Commission with Eleanor Jacobs as the new chair. The purpose of the meeting was to gather information for the Commission members regarding repairs at the Dam. Seven of the 20 present were property owners at Silver Lake. Mayor Hauser of Perry was also present. Membership of Commission consists of Town and Village of Perry, Castile, Mt. Morris and a representative from the Silver Lake Association (SLA).

Each community makes an annual contribution of $6,000 maintained by Perry Village clerk Gail Vosburg who is also clerk of the Commission which voted on Monday to fund one-third of the cost of the current repair of the dam gates and the coffer dam, estimated at $25,000. The dam for the outlet is a 100-inch spillway. The Commission was told .Monday that the Lake was at 83 inches, down six from its previous reading. The level is usually kept between 90 and 95 inches.

Village Administrator Matt Horn estimates that construction and materials will cost $75,000 and there will be oversight costs. The last update in 1981 cost $105,000. He expressed additional fears of other items of expense as the project proceeded since the Village has only been able to afford basic maintenance. The project may involve inspectors, engineers, and/or DEC people who may call for more to be done. 

"If we want to do more than minimal maintenance ... it will take more resources ... [or to] enhance the quality of the lake with additional support," said Horn.

"That's the biggest bunch of BS I've ever heard," said Castile Councilman Stan Klein. He asked Perry if it would be willing to turn dam jurisdiction over to a higher authority. Even though there was no audible response, it seemed clear that the Village would have little problem in answering in the affirmative. Horn noted that Castile receives most of the Lake taxes since most of the Lake lies in the Town of Castile.

Source: Lorraine Sturm, Publisher, The Perry Herald;
The Perry Herald is available for $49 a year mailing it to:
7851 Rt. 39, Perry, NY 14530

Saturday afternoon winds were strong

The Silver Lake area was buffeted by high winds today as rain and a thunderstorm was forecast for the second part of the day. The wind, however, did not usher in the rain because hours later the winds were dying down but there was no rain at all up to 5:21, the time of this writing. Although rain has been removed from the AccuWeather forecast, the "Probability of Precipitation" remains at 62% and the "Probability of Thunderstorms" at 60%. The 5:30 pm temperature is 72F which currently feels more like 69F.

Friday, August 28, 2020

     “He who laughs, lasts.” Zero Mostel

Humor - Laughter has been termed “internal jogging.” Your mental attitude plays an important role in all of your body’s chemical makeup. When you laugh, your brain produces endorphins or “feel good” neurotransmitters that serve to relax and revitalize your entire system.

Silver Lake Gets a High-Wind, Rain Storm Thursday Shortly After 5:00 pm

As yesterday afternoon's radar-evident storm came across Lake Erie at the Town of Akron and made its was eastward, the bright sky was clearly turning dark from sometime around 4:00 p.m. It grew so dark by the time it reached Wyoming County that Julie Hoffner of Ames Ave. Walkway no longer had enough natural light on her front porch to continue her book reading. Walking neighbors so often see her concentrating on this regular hobby but never so much that she can't stop to look up and warmly greet them which often turns into a conversation.

Besides a lack of natural outdoor light, Julie commented that she also had to come back into her cottage for fear of nearly blowing away. The wind, indeed, had become strong. The television had been blaring those annoying buzzer weather warnings about every three minutes announcing not only this more southern located storm but another passing to our north. We were being warned of ping-pong-sized hail, capable to hurting humans and damaging windows, siding, and trees. We were fortunate to have limited rain and no hail, but the wind made up for it.

One weather report said our area had experienced a 60-mile-per-hour gust. At this point we have not heard of any local damage or injury for which we are thankful.

Death toll rises as scope of Laura's destruction becomes clearer

With the death toll at 10 in the U.S., and over 30 when factoring in fatalities caused in the Caribbean before Laura was even a hurricane, and economic damages potentially in the billions of dollars, Hurricane Laura proved devastating. On top of the human toll, the storm was one for the history books. 

Arriving with the strongest landfalling winds seen in Louisiana since the Franklin Pierce administration and becoming the earliest L-named system since forecasters began naming storms, Laura rewrote history before it even bore down near the Louisiana-Texas border.

After strengthening right before landfall and reaching Category 4 with sustained wind speeds of 150 mph as it crashed into Cameron Parish, Laura ravaged the Bayou State and eastern Texas coastlines with damaging winds, widespread flooding and a destructive storm surge before a chemical fire caused even further headaches.

Trump Turns WH into a Political Stage for GOP Convention, Speaking for Record-Breaking 70 Minutes

Most Republicans believed and said that this night was a grand celebration of the greatness of America and of its current president, Donald J. Trump. Both the president and his daughter who introduced him, were sure to tell the people who experienced Hurricane Laura this week that their thoughts were with them as was the president's guarantee of FEMA help which was also with them and already working. The president was happy to report that 300 miles of the wall will have been completed by the end of this year.

In contrast to all of the powerful, patriotic lines were the descriptions of the current problems taking place in our current lives and society. The president said that this was an example of what life would be like under the leadership of the Democrats. One commentator later asked, were not all the current events really a description of "Donald Trump's America today since it is happening during his presidency?" The president attempted to describe the platform of the Democrats but somehow got it either wrong or somewhat distorted, for those that follow the platforms. Of course distorting things is the traditional way of politics. 

The style of his speech was clearly that of his speech writer, Stephen Miller. The audience seemed to applaud more of the patriotic lines and not many of the lines containing statistics. Chris Wallace of Fox News described the crowd of 2,000 as being seated with no distancing between them, and mostly no masks. Rachel Maddow of MSNBC discussed the implications of having a huge political event "with 1500 or more"* on federal government property in light of the Hatch Act law which supposedly forbids it, only without any teeth in it. 

From a production perspective, the GOP put on a beautiful and grandiose show, in spite of the record-breaking speaking time. The fireworks afterwards actually spelled out the name "Trump" twice high into the dark night sky, delighting the audience.

The above article is intended as a very brief summary of evening events and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of this Newsletter or its Publisher. Nevertheless, readers are encouraged to leave their comments or send their emails if so inclined.

 * Para. 3 - Andrea Mitchel 8/28/20.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Tonight, Tomorrow

News Briefs

WEATHER WARNING for a severe Thunderstorm issued at 4:12 pm to include Wyoming County--listed earlier as "northeastern Wyoming County;" includes hail.

PRESIDENT TO SPEAK at GOP Convention's closing night. This is important because it may fill in the blanks for the absence of a GOP 2020 platform. VP Dem nominee Kamala Harris did a "pre-buttal" speech this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. giving a brief review of the Dem 2020 platform.

TURKEY DINNER DAY at Asbury's Take Out Meals from 4 to 6 pm. Dinner includes all the fixings. Call ahead 237-5262.

SEVERE WEATHER THREAT TODAY -- The strongest storms will produce powerful wind gusts, hail, isolated flash flooding, intense lightning strikes and a couple of tornadoes for all of WNY and well into PA.

THIS SUNDAY, AUG. 30 is the second last of the remaining two Sundays of Worship at the Lake; the last is Sept. 6.

SLI RESIDENT J. BROCKLEHURST is healing nicely and anticipates a return to Perry First's organ bench Sept. 13.

HURRICANE LAURA continues as a category 1 as of 10:08 am EDT. The storm surge was half of that forecast, as was the flooding; the wind, however was as strong as forecast. Search and Rescue crews have begun their work. So far, one 14-year-old girl is a victim.

HOW FAR WILL SPORTS GO? -- A second meeting of the NBA players is scheduled to take place at 11:00 this morning after refusing to play last night's playoff game because of the Blake shooting being evidence of continued police (official) violence.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Hurricane Laura will hit the shore as a category 4 at approximately 1-2:00 am

 A 15-20 feet storm surge has been labeled "unsurvivable" by the National Weather Service and includes inland as far as Lake Charles. Laura will come ashore at the Texas-Louisiana border.

NBA Cancels All Playoff Games Today in Protest of Jacob Blake III Shooting; Brewers, Bucks Baseball Join in Strike

LaBraun James talked about the situation of violence<br>in America. Later in the evening the Milwaukee Brewers and the Milwaukee Bucks have joined in this effort to act against violence.

UPDATE -- My regular phone number (493-4003) is temporarily out of service because of Wednesday's equipment changes. It was supposed to be back in service within 24-48 hours. If you want to reach me before that, email SLDN@mail.com.

EDITOR'S NOTE -- We anticipate being offline this afternoon as new services are installed. We'll keep you posted. You WILL be able to access the Newsletter. It's me that won't be able to until the installation work is finished.

YOU ARE WELCOME to join the conversation in the comment section found immediately after the two latest stories published late this morning concerning two deaths--one a 29 year old by police and the other a 5 year old by a 25 year old neighbor.

Motorcycle Ride Remembers 5-yr-old Cannon Hinnant, Killed by his Neighbor


by: Mackenzie Stasko, WNCN and Nexstar Media Wire. Posted:  Updated: 

KENLY, N.C. (WNCN) — Hundreds of people participated in a memorial motorcycle ride in North Carolina on Saturday to honor the life of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant.

“Cannon would be overjoyed because Cannon loved everybody,” said Gwen Hinnant, Cannon’s grandmother. “So the fact that everybody’s coming together to honor him is beyond amazing.”

The ride was a bittersweet tribute to the 5-year-old, who was shot and killed in his family’s front yard while riding his bike with his siblings in Wilson, North Carolina, earlier this month.

Wilson police say they arrested his neighbor, 25-year-old Darrius Sessoms, on murder charges.

News Release: Religion News Service From the African Meth. Epis. Church, Ref: The Shooting of Jacob Blake III

White Supremacy Terrorism, African Methodism
and The Struggle To Redeem The Soul of America

The servant leaders of the African Methodist Episcopal Church watched the video of the shooting of Mr. Jacob Blake III, 29 years old, and watched in unholy horror as we heard at least seven shots. Now the family is confirming that Jacob has at least 9 bullets in his body and at this time is paralyzed from the waist down.

Sadly, we watched white supremacist police terrorism strike and now must write another “call to action” to remind the nation and the world, that because “Black Lives Matter” this systemic violence against men and women of color must stop immediately.

The shooting of Jacob Blake, in the back several times, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in a car filled with his family including three children, ages 3, 7, and 8, has the nation in an uproar. The inhumane treatment of another person of color, in the shadow of the assassinations of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the recent shooting death by police of Trayford Pellerin in Lafayette, Louisiana, are just more examples of the political tyranny and insensitivity inflicted on people of color in this nation. We raise the same question found in a recent newspaper headline: “WHY ARE POLICE STILL USING UNWARRANTED FORCE ON BLACK PEOPLE?”

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

SLDNewsletter will transition to a larger broadband Wednesday morning

UPDATE -- A Spectrum technician called in sick this morning pushing our early morning appointment to early afternoon. 

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday, August 26, 2020, a Spectrum Cable technician is scheduled to arrive between 8 am and 9 am to begin work on doubling the broadband speed and capability to make the work easier and more efficient. During these morning hours, the SLDNewsletter will be offline and not reporting news. We ask for your patience during these hours of transition. We hope to be back online at least by early afternoon, since the work should take between one and three hours. Feel free to continue to submit news and photos through email and I will plan to catch up when back online.

Asbury's Take Out Dinner this Thursday is Turkey, Dressing, Gravy; 237-5262

Thursday, 8/27, pickup 4-6 pm: Turkey, Dressing, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Mixed Veggies, Roll, Mixed Berry Cobbler; call before 3 pm.


Tree Work Necessitated by an Urgent Need on Genesee near Ames Walkway

Photo by J. Hoffner

Damage is observed to a tree in front of the unused yellow cottage at the Genesee Avenue entrance to the Ames Ave. Walkway. It is surmised that the damage might have occurred during the extensive rain, wind, and lightening storm which flashed brightly and regularly in this area during the 4 am hour earlier today. It appeared to be wind damage as opposed to the remnants of burning often created by a lightning strike.

Photo by J. Hoffner 

Guide wires and other preparations are made for the dropping of this significantly sized limb before the final cut is made.   

Photo by J. Hoffner 

The truck's bucket is in place, as pictured above, and the cut is being power sawed to drop the limb safely to the ground.  

Bonnie is a certified Spiritual director in the United Methodist Church. She attends Geneseo UMC and has been leading day retreats at Asbury for a few years now.

Ask anyone who has moved onto the Institute Grounds in the last 15 Years: Have you seen or read the Handbook?

Story / Opinion / Offer ...
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Monday, August 24, 2020

More Tree Removal on Haven Ave.;
Cottage Remodeling; Historic Ames

9 Haven Ave. (1) -- Photo by J. Hoffner

One might think that this tree is beginning to fall because of this slant, but at this point, that would be incorrect since this tree has grown from its youth with this slant. Long time neighbors can attest to this and are happy to see it finally corrected by its removal.

As for the cottage remodeling, some are happy to see the new, clean siding being applied to a cottage long in need of attention. Others are disappointed that yet another cottage loses its original victorian qualities in a community well known for these very qualities. This cottage, so visible to the wider public by its position on the main drag of Perry Avenue, will most likely remain a topic of conversation.

Ironically, it was built during that period of time when the current Perry Ave. between Genesee and Chapman was a much smaller road known as Kingsley Ave. and the main drag, during that period of time, was the walkway known as Ames Ave.  Historically, even the horses and wagons and eventually cars were only permitted on Ames Ave. to load and unload.

Today, powered wheeled vehicles (such as cars and golf carts) are only allowed parking on Ames from the day after Labor Day through June 30th but must not totally block the Walkway. The status of no parking on Ames Ave. Walkway is during the Institute's open season (July 1 through Labor Day). It has long been protected as a walkway by the presence of lawn and absence of any paving.

#9 Haven Ave. (2) -- 6-second Video by K. Praczkajlo

Perry Village neglects to inform Silver Lake residents when dam gate breaks

Many Silver Lake boat owners were literally left hanging with their boats in the air as the overflow dam apparently was responsible for the releasing of too much water thereby considerably lowering the appropriate Lake level. Both gates on the overflow dam were well past their efficient useability with one being totally inoperative and the other would not adequately close. The release opening for the waste water plant had apparently increased in size and was patched, preventing less water to pass through. The exact reason for the excess flow beginning at this point in time was not stated and efforts to inform the Silver Lake community did not kick in. Those present at the meeting were told to "spread the word" in their Lake neighborhoods.

"It should have been on my mind," said Mayor Rick Hauser. "I only learned of the situation last Friday when the Village ordered fabrication of new gates from aluminum/steel manufacturer Waco Products, Inc. of Baltimore, Maryland." The new gates were to be picked up by village employees by the end of last week. Further information has not yet been made available to the SLDNewsletter.

Dr. Frank Bright of the Silver Lake Association (SLA) said that like local officials, he only learned about the broken dam gates about two weeks ago. He described the working relationship the SLA has with the Village when it comes to sharing information--however the news about the dam was not communicated. The professionals in SLA could have provided input or even solutions.

There will be a public hearing on Tuesday, September 8th at 8 pm. The gates will cost an estimated $13,500, but the over needs of the project may go as high as $94,000. Two contractors have already bid on the project, both coming in with figures in "the high 60s."

There will be a special meeting of the SLA Monday, August 24th at 7:30 pm in the Village Hall for the purpose of discussing the possibilities of a public and private means for dam and other lake maintenance needs, such as dredging. The meeting will seek to benefit the region recreationally and environmentally.

Second Tree on Perry Ave. Downed from Town of Castile Right of Way

Perry Avenue near Haven was the scene of a Monday morning tree removal process by the Town of Castile as the remnants of a once vital tree, now dead, was gradually and safely removed as residents looked on.

Tagless Golf Cart Owners Alert:
You are being recorded, reported if you drive on municipal/public roads

Local resident Joe Safford is on a one-man campaign to get illegal golf carts off public roads. Golf carts can legally be operated on private property but must be licensed, road worthy, and operators wearing seat belts in order to operate on low speed public roads. Mr. Safford, a Walker Road resident, has serious safety concerns particularly evolving around unlicensed and underage drivers operating golf carts on Walker and Euclid Roads, and the Greenway along Silver Lake, even after 10 pm. It was noted that the Greenway is the private property of the Silver Lake Institute and not located in the Village of Perry.

Mr. Safford has been before the Perry Village Board before and appeared again on Thursday, August 17, 2020. His previous concern was over garden tractors being operating on public roads. Earlier in August, Mr. Safford went before the Town of Castile's Board and said his next stop is County Sheriff Greg Rudolph.

Mr. Safford brought pictures with him of violations that backed up his claims. He said he also receives information from other Walker Road cameras. Village Mayor Hauser agreed with Mr. Safford and told those present, "If you see something, say something" because often there is only one officer on duty. 

No new legislation was sought or encouraged but simply obedience to the current laws. It should be noted that Camp Road, Chapman Road, Lakeside Road, and Perry Avenue are public roads. Lakeview Avenue which runs along the length of the Greenway is a private road of the Silver Lake Institute.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

U.S. Post Office Remains in the Headlines, Stimulating Thoughts
of Our Own Silver Lake Post Office



Whenever stories of the U.S. Post Office come on the TV, radio, or computer, a flood of memories and of storied history obsesses my mind and I am once again thrilled by one of the oldest institutions of our country--as a matter of fact--older than our country. The original Post Master General was Benjamin Franklin, from whose daughter our family evolved. Abraham Lincoln also served as a Post Master General for a while. Both knew the value of running it as the service it was intended to be verses a business.

Equally important to me was my grandfather Ed's total career which he spent as a clerk in Postal Station D of South Buffalo, just a short walk from my great grandfather August's Dry Goods Store (no longer there--established in 1884 and sold in 1944) on Seneca St. at the Swan and Emslie Sts. intersection. Today, my granddaughter delivers mail near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

New Family Simply Loves Burt Park

By Lisa Schiske
Warms my heart the fun this ‘new family’ is having at Bishop Burt Park. Every week or so I go to sweep the little gazebo, the family has moved to a different side of the BB Gazebo. At one point they were M.I.A..... I just thought that someone needed them more than the Park. To my surprise .... I found them in the sandbox after I took the lid off!! Guess they decided camp to the beach. The detail set up at all locations truly is an inspiration. How blessed the children in our area are, they are developing their imagination in a park, during a Pandemic. Along with building memories for the future generation at Silver Lake Institute.
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Submitted by Nancy Culley of a photo taken August 21, 2016



"A person who thinks only of building walls, wherever that may be, and not bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the Gospel." - Pope Francis, when asked about Donald Trump in 2017

"We can choose the path of becoming angrier, less hopeful, and more divided. A path of shadow and suspicion. Or we can choose a different path, and together, take this chance to heal, to be reborn, to unite. A path of hope and light. " ~ Joe Biden

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Friday, August 21, 2020

30 SLI Residents Came Out for a Christmas in August Celebration

Thirty folks donned their "gay apparel" including colorful masks, red shirts and their Christmas or Winter sweaters and separated themselves by about 6 feet between family units. One or two wore colorful blinking lights to add to the already festive atmosphere, as popular Christmas songs played in the background. There were homemade Christmas cookies, fresh fruit, nuts, candy, and cupcakes. Some simple games  enabled winners to get simple but tasty awards.

Several residents took advantage of the suggestion to decorate their cottages so others could get into the spirit of it all.

All photos of Christmas in August by J. Hoffner

Above 2 photos by J. Hoffner