Saturday, July 4, 2020

'Where Do These Street Names Come From?' is Now Available for $8 per Book

This long-awaited book, Where Do These Street Names Come From? is now available for sale at the Silver Lake Institute Office, 46 Wesley Ave. at Janes Ave. (call before coming). Also from the Editor Suzanne Bristow of Harris Ave. (when she arrives this week, 804-363-0070); and also from the Silver Lake Daily Newsletter (Greg Franklin) at 6988 Haven Ave. (corner of Ames Walkway; 493-4003). Each copy has been priced at $8 per book. 

Along with the ease of a good read, it contains two additional indexes and several old maps from earlier years when the Institute was first named Camp Wesley and secondly named Silver Lake Assembly before its 1920 naming of Silver Lake Institute. "It's a good read, very informative and interesting," said Greg Franklin.

Some of us have been on board with the Where Do These Street Names Come From? since its inception several years ago by the Rev. Rodney Jones, now retired, set about his historical search of Institute street names. "His hope was to provide a history of Methodism through the stories of the men whose names identify the streets on the Institute," (page 20, para. 3 of Where Do These Street Names Come From?).

Shortly after Rev. Jones' research was completed, it became obvious that we needed a talented editor to put together the massive task of organizing all of the information and creating a Works Consulted page We were delighted when Suzanne Bristow stepped forward to volunteer for such an exhaustive task. Suzanne is highly qualified and experienced in each of the areas of expertise needed for production of this very specific type of book. "She loves learning more about the history of the Institute and was delighted to help with this project," (page 20, para. 5 of Where Do These Street Names Come From?).

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