Thursday, July 9, 2020

We were Blessed by Rain this Evening
With a Little Thunder and Lightening

After finishing up my Reuben, Pickle, Minnestone, and of course my Brownie, all from Asbury's Retreat Center and their fantastic cook, I sat for a while at my back door looking between the ground and the trees. By seeing the in-depth green on the trees and bushes, the "lawn" was all the more obviously brown and parts shriveled. The sun had created a temperature of 92 and there seemed almost to be more soil than grass. The weary blades was in so much need of water. I used to water my lawns in previous locations but ever since the cost of water hit $86, I vowed that outdoor watering will be left either to God or Mother Nature, whoever rained on it first.

This evening's rain was a medium intensity rain that was just beginning to soak in when the showers began wrapping up. I'm not complaining--I'm truly grateful for the limited downpour even though I will continue to hope for more. I'd rather pay the lawn mower guy than to have to fret over my desperate grass. It's too bad the weeds aren't very affected by lack of rain--the weeds always seem to be be doing just fine in the midst of record heat. Last night, the people present at Gabbing on the Green, noted the irony in this week's title of the event. At least the breezes off the Lake gave us a nice cooling affect, as did the rain as it stirred up a cooler air flow. Don't mind me, I'm just counting my blessings.

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