Friday, July 17, 2020

The Science of Contagious Disease
Should Influence Decisions on
2020 School Openings

As time passes, both the professionals and the average "person on the street" learn more and more about this novel (previously unknown) caronavirus now named Covid-19. One of the most helpful things we have learned is that of its transference from one person to another, or one person to a group of others. We now understand that it is most effectively passed on by way of "hitching a ride" on the normal mini- and microscopic-droplets of moisture we emit from our sneezing, coughing, yelling, and even casual speaking and breathing. 

From this airborne phenomenon, we are able to deduce that the face mask and social distancing are the two most prominent factors in helping to prevent its spread. This is a challenge for adults as they go about changing their many habits of sociability. Now consider the mind of a child which often thinks primarily about the issue (or toy) at hand with social etiquette being way down on the list of those things coming to mind. Then consider how school buildings have been built for maximum use of space which runs contrary to our current need for social distancing.

The previous story about the Missouri summer camp points to the complexity of running any institution involving children, let alone adjusting for the needs of avoiding the spread of a very contagious disease. We must educate our children, of course. We must also protect them and keep them healthy. When our children are ill, we keep them home from school because there is a keen need for basic health before anything else can be expected of our children.

This is no simple cold or flu. There is now growing evidence of Covid-19 leaving serious after affects that in some cases causes other debilitating and serious conditions involving the circulatory system, the brain and other major organs. If ever there was a disease to fight, this is it. We must not casually or flippantly send our children into buildings unprepared to keep them safe from Covid-19. Ask to see "the plan" for their safety or volunteer to be part of any public planning committee. Let's get this right.

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