Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Joy of the Walkway instead of Hazardous (no sidewalks) Perry Ave.

The above photo is how Ames Ave. Walkway would normally look from July 1 through Labor Day Monday. The black signs will be set up as soon as they are located from their new storage locations. Anyone knowing where they are located should contact the SLI office or a member of the Grounds Committee.

Summertime at the Institute reactivates Ames as a Walkway and limits parking to 15 minutes for a pickup or delivery. The rest of the year is given over to the residents who use portions of it for parking. Some of the private land owners have sought to take over parts of the right-of-way of Ames by the use of fencing. Correcting this would be appreciated. Welcome to the unusually quiet 2020 Season!

Heritage Walkway is Another Great Pedestrian Trail Related to the Heritage Memorial Bricks

Suzanne Bristow was on the ground floor of the Long Range Planning Committee's Heritage Walkway Project which has turned out to be one of the highlights on the Institute grounds for its beauty, its historical contents, and its smooth walkway to the Big Blue Dock. She has been totally invested in the project by taking orders, ordering bricks, arrangements for engraving bricks, installing bricks, and equally important, seeking the family histories to which the bricks refer. She types every word and installs the family histories into the Heritage Walkway's own website located at:

This Newsletter provides a direct link to the Heritage Walkway website. It can be found in the left hand column in the very first section under "Site Map / General Public." Look for "Heritage Walkway" and click on it. The stories are brief but ever so interesting reading. The histories are separated by the referenced brick which was photographed before being installed on the walkway.

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  1. It has been pointed out to me that the original caption on the top photo of the Ames Ave. Walkway pillars and sign could easily be read as a criticism or negative comment. My apologies. I have changed it to reflect the true meaning of promoting our two walkways as our calendar has changed over to July 1st and our first event for Institute residents is July 4th on Ames Walkway.


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