Sunday, July 5, 2020

Season 2020, Officially Closed, is off
to an Active and Impressive Beginning; Even More Opportunities for Phase 4

All of the officially planned calendar events of the Silver Lake organizations, including the Silver Lake Association and Silver Lake Institute, were cancelled to conform to the early stages of restricted activities designed to prevent the spread of the Caronavirus. 

The Trustees of the Silver Lake Institute, knowing they had a community for which they were responsible, knew they had to meet and went about conforming to the rules that New York State had developed to keep people safe. 

Their first meeting of 2020, besides the wintertime executive meetings, was held under the Zoom format which brought the Trustees together electronically. The second meeting was an in-person meeting but where the attendance was restricted to conform to the NYS Opening Phase then-currently in effect.

Those active in leadership who had spent many hours preparing the programs, guest bands, guest speakers, and other programs, were somewhat stunned to realize that they were suddenly without a mission or a task. During the early days of June, the summer was looking rather bleak to them. 

But these were leaders who believed in their mission and tasks and were not inclined to twiddle their thumbs. They already knew what was not to be in the summer schedule, but they began reflecting with each other, on what could be, and they were soon joined by other residents who knew that so much of the Silver Lake annual experience was involvement with other people--friends, residents, new acquaintances.

Every idea, most of them taken from proven programs, took on the energy of those who believed in them and soon a schedule of events was spawned by spontaneity. The Institute's unofficial Children's Parade emerged from the parents and drew about 20 children.

There was a Ring of Fire on Friday night as good, if not better, than usual because it sprung up from the grass roots. The Fireworks show was an admitted casualty, but was made up by individual private shows from more than one location around the Lake.

On July 4th, principally a family day, was kick off in the afternoon by a neighborhood patriotic songs sing-along on the Ames Ave. Walkway. This was followed by the unofficial boat parade with decorated boats, overseen by the County Sheriff.

The last day of the family weekend started with another spontaneous event when 20 persons responded to a generous, retired clergyman's offer to give a talk after reading some Scripture at 10:30 Sunday morning. Rev. Tom Kraft talked briefly about striving toward those things in life which are really important. They were also some songs all of which was over in about 20 minutes, except for the time of great conversations afterwards.

A planned season could hardly have gone better. Such is the beauty of Silver Lake and its people!

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