Tuesday, July 7, 2020

News Briefs ...

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  • AMES WALKWAY signs have been found and installed on new wooden poles and new wooden cross beams on the bottom to hold the signs up at both ends of the Walkway. The original matching metal pole and ground receptacle with cap and fitted screws were not found when the signs were located. One sign was found in the basement of Epworth and the other was found in Stoody. As one might expect in this unusual year of a closed Season, there are three cars blocking the south end of the walkway--two on the south side of Hamline and one on the north side of Hamline. (Updated 7:45 pm Tues.)
  • NEW HISTORY BOOK -- "Where Do These Street Names Come From?" for $8. Now available from Suzanne Bristow, Harris Ave.; Greg Franklin, 6988 Haven Ave.; SLI Office, as per regular office hours below.
  • WEDNESDAY -- For SLI Residents: "Gabbing on the Green" at 7:30 pm. Any desserts brought are for yourself and your family.
  • THURSDAY -- Asbury Take Out, 4-6 pm -- CHOICE OF REUBEN or GOURMET GRILLED HAM & CHEESE at Asbury Retreat Center's Thursday Take-Out meal from 4 to 6 pm. Call 237-5262 before 3 pm. CHOICE OF (16 oz.) Chicken Noodle or Minnestrone Soup; crackers, pickle, brownie.
  • FRIDAY -- SLI Spiritual Life Committee, 3 pm, picnic tables by the pool. (SLE 1 pm).
  • SATURDAY -- SLI Trustee Meeting -- Trustees only, no visitors. The Board continues to follow NYS Covid-19 rules.
  • SUNDAY -- SLI Dock area for some spiritual time, 10:30 am -- Whether or not this happens will be determined Friday.
  • SUNDAY -- Chicken Barbecue at Asbury July 12 -- Take Out 12-3 pm, $12. Call ahead 237-5272. (Updated 7:45 pm Tues.)


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