Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Eight Come Out for 'Gabbing on the Green' with Store-Bagged Snacks

By the time we began to gather together around 7:15 pm, the heat of the day was slightly diminished and the breezes off the Lake were quite refreshing. The bagged snacks were no match for the homemade pies, truffles, muffins, ice cream, and a multitude of other dessert favorites normally served at a "Dessert at the Dock" event. 

But conversations were always a big part of the sweet-eating hour-and-a-half and were again tonight--just without our mouths full! That's why the name of the event got changed to "Gabbing on the Green" during the Summer of Coronavirus when sharing food from a common table is a no-no. We invite fellow SLI residents to join us for a Wednesday evening of talk and snacks, as we all look forward to next year's pie's, truffles, muffins, ice cream and etc.!

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