Thursday, July 30, 2020

Anyone Receiving Unsolicited Seeds from China Should Take High Caution

An unknown number of American households are receiving unordered and unidentified seeds originating from China. They must be assumed to be of danger to our ecosystem of plants and foods as they are mingled through pollination and other exposures. 

It is strongly advised that you do NOT plant them, do NOT eat them, do NOT flush them, and do NOT put them in the garbage. Most garbage winds up in landfills and it is possible that they could take root and grow. Though flushing is less likely to cause them to take root, we should avoid putting them in any of our public systems that re-circulate or eventually return to the soil (landfill) or to open water (such as a storm sewer).

They can be destroyed by smashing them with a hammer, thoroughly baking them in an oven, grinding them to smithereens or any combination of the foregoing.

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