Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Very Popular Perry Band Conductor and Manager, Jessie and Dick Barth will
Be Moving to Texas July 31st

Jessie and Dick Barth are planning a move to the Austin, Texas area by the end of July. In a recent communication with Jessie, she said to me that they were leaving "at God's direction," which sounded so much like one of her many powerful expressions of faith which I have grown to love. 

She then continued, "We have loved our life in Perrydise which has blessed us with beautiful friendships and many creative opportunities to grow in grace. My sense is that God wants us to be very quiet and listen for the next chapter that is being written for us. We do hope to return to Perry in the summer months if that is possible." 

She paused, and after thinking briefly of the people of the Lake community, she said, "Please give everyone my warmest regards and express just how  much I enjoyed participating in the Summer Sunday services at Epworth each year. Also, our gratitude for support when the PCB performed there in 2017 and 18. I wish them all the best as the summer Silver Lake Experience continues to unfold and prosper."
Dick and Jessie Barth, both musicians, vocalists, and authors, will be within an hour's drive of their youngest son who lives in that area. Needless to say, we do hope that they will be able to return to Silver Lake and Perry for the summers here for how ever long that might be possible. Until then, Bon Voyage!

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