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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Tough Decisions Confront Silver Lake Institute Board this Saturday, Namely, Will there be a Summer Program?

It's not for want of a program. The Program Committee and the Spiritual Life Committee have been working hard in these past 12 month preparing and booking bands, vocals, and dances; guest speakers, guest musicians and vocals, and special presentations. In other words, the schedule is all lined up. 

The question is: Are we able to present programs and worship services in such a way that they will meet the requirements set by the State during these days of the Coronavirus? Along these lines and equally important, will persons be ready and willing to attend public programs even if while exercising social distancing? Trustees of the Institute will have to consider whether moving the concerts over to the Park and the worship services down to the Big Blue Dock and Green area will result in more favorable attendance figures. 

The meeting of the Trustees will not be open to the public or the press because of the need to keep the attendance way down to meet the current group size requirements. Even after the Trustee Board makes its decisions, the final decision rests with members of the potential audience; will they come or will they not? Institute summer residents will be returning from many different states, some of which are still struggling with high Coronavirus numbers. Again, will this reality affect how people live their lives, especially while at the Institute this summer?

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