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Friday, June 5, 2020

Silver Lake Institute:
Volunteers Prepare for Busy Saturday

10:00 am -- The Silver Lake Institute Trustees will gather for their first in-person meeting since the development of the corona virus pandemic earlier this year and continuing on in the current days and weeks. Because groups in NY State are limited in numbers for gatherings for the purpose of holding down the spread of the virus, this meeting of the Trustees is limited to those who are actual Trustees. No members of the public, the press, nor residents will be permitted. 

Along with the regular business of the Board, a significant discussion will take place regarding the summer programs for this 2020 summer season. Large gatherings of persons are out of the question and even the smaller gatherings need to abide by two primary pandemic rules: (1) the wearing of cloth masks and (2) social distancing which is usually stated as either 6 feet apart or two arm lengths. The Board will seek to officially determine whether or not any of our usual summer programming will be able to take place, and if so, how and in what ways.

It has been speculated that concerts would be taking place in Burt Park for those concert groups still agreeing to perform during the current pandemic. Some have already cancelled for this season. Others are still eager to come. The Trustees will be considering the circumstances and making the 2020 decision.  The Spiritual Life Committee has a schedule of speakers and guest vocalists that are slated to be part of Lake Worship Services tentatively planned to take place on the Green, just east of the Big Blue Dock. Rain will automatically cancel the Service unless the Trustees determine otherwise. The decision will be theirs.

1:30 pm -- The SLE Planning Committee will be meeting in a closed session to consider its regular agenda in addition to whether the corona virus pandemic will affect the 2021 scheduled SLE and, if so, to what extent. 

3:30 pm -- The SLC will meet in a closed session to consider the vote and instructions received from the morning meeting of the SLI Trustees and to make any adjustments in the plans and schedule of services.

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