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Saturday, June 27, 2020

'Ring of Fire' all Set for Friday, July 3rd at 9:30 pm; Lake Residents Must Purchase Flare on their Own

Silver Lake Association (SLA) tradition of events are very important at Silver Lake especially during the unprecedented time of COVID. Wyoming County is in Phase 3 in the recovery of this pandemic and should be in Phase 4 shortly. So I am pleased to announce that the WYCO Sheriff Dept. has agreed to lead the lighting of the “Ring of Fire” July 3rd at 9:30 pm. With their siren and blue flashing lights they will circle Silver Lake so we can continue this annual tradition celebrating the July 4th Holiday. Flares must be purchased from merchants carrying this product. SLA was not able to purchase our annual stock this year. Bert’s Lumber and Elitsac Lumber and Rental were notified of this matter and may have flares available.

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