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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Pandemic Threatens States Not Previously In Trouble; Police Reform Much Needed; Public Seems ReadyNow

The United States looks to have a full plate when it comes to flash button issues. The country has been dealing with a powerful pandemic and many have been voluntarily stuck in homes in order to prevent its spread. Now the country is opening back up but the states that were not originally hit hard the first time around are now on the brink. No one knows what the future holds.

Racism has reared its ugly head, but this time it stopped hiding and is now out in public and causing much disruption to our governmental and communal systems. Every day citizens have taken to the streets in extremely large numbers primarily because there are a minority of police officers in almost every department who are now admitting that their training is basically inadequate except for the use of firearms and use of force.

Local communities, States, and the Federal Government are all working feverishly to write up plans of action to help control this limited number of cops through the use of law. After release of major proposals, and endless hours of television coverage of marches protesting police violence, some how, some way, officers like Garrett Rolfe seemed to be obvious to it all, allowing his personal emotions to get in the way of his professional and legal conduct as he took the life of African-American Rashard Brooks Friday Night in Atlanta, Georgia, who had fallen asleep in his vehicle while waiting in a Drive-Through. He was unarmed.

There are so many better ways of handling such calls, and most of which do not even involve the police. 

Most importantly, when an individual applies for the job of serving the community (police), they need thorough vetting and a good psychological exam. They also need training in keeping a situation calmed down and keeping all persons safe and alive. I hope this is included in one or more of the legislative proposals because it's so basic and so necessary.

There may be some police departments that need to be fired and re-hired under much better vetting, psychological exam, probational time until much more effective training is completed; and more training in how to call backup, or letting the violator run and go back to pick him up later or in the morning, instead of unholstering a gun. Once it's out of the holster and into one's hand, very little good can come from it.

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