Friday, June 12, 2020

On a Mission: Is it Safe to Sing
While Wearing a Mask?

I am resisting returning to church without congregational singing. Hymns and spiritual songs became a large part of the strength I sense in my faith journey.

So far, my research is only telling me that singing is an effective way of spreading the covid-19. Why is their so little written on the subject of singing while wearing a face mask? Surely that must make a significant difference. This video merely demonstrates that it is possible, but my search continues for someone at least willing to posit the possibilities of singing with a face mask on contributing to singing's safety.


  1. Your musings on hymn singing during the pandemic are interesting. My church is streaming services on You Tube, with the pages from the hymnal posted for use during the service. We can hear our music director playing the piano from his temporary home a thousand miles away (stranded mid-move by the pandemic) and we , maskless, sing along separately in our own homes. It is a completely different experience than singing as a community, and without our usual magnificent organ. All in all, our virtual worship has been very successful but the hymn singing, while still an important form of religious expression, lacks a lot of what it was when we were together.

  2. Thanks for writing. I am well avoiding the virus and hope to continue to do so. I did just receive disappointing news from some pre-procedure tests by my vascular surgeon who is not willing to operate because of my weight. My Primary and Wound Specialist were hoping that wouldn't be a problem since they have been pushing me toward the procedure (for poor circulation). Thank God for compression stockings--I'd been in real trouble without them. Hope to see you soon :-)


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