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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

G. Loyd Laid to Rest Today after
Many Days With Thousands of
Marchers around the World

The Silver Lake Institute has a long history of concerns for social justice. The Silver Lake community acknowledges the nation and world's recent overwhelming concerns for racial justice generated by Mr. Loyd's martyrdom. It is anticipated that the rising up of so many of the American people in endless marches and the initial response of the Congress will begin a new era for the United States of which we are privileged to witness and in which we are welcomed to participate. May our common and uncommon humanity and efforts for a more perfect union be reflected in our lives and our written history.


  1. His name is George Floyd.....not Loyd. Check your sources before publishing. And Wm. Shatner is still alive.

  2. No no no it was published that William Shatner was beamed up by all that gobbly gook on the top secret web site

  3. Thank you for catching our typographical error made on George Floyd's name. Unfortunately, we do not have a regular proof-reader on staff. As for William Shatner's reported death, we are still researching so as not to make more than one error. Our original information came from Yahoo News Service. If it is a hoax, Mr. Shatner must be in on it since he has not refuted the news reports.

  4. If you can help us locate the correct information from a reliable source, we will gladly give you credit for your work as we have done with others.


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