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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

After a Week of Protest Marches, It's Time to Talk, Listen, Learn, Liberate

If the mainline churches require psychological tests for their potential clergy, certainly Police Departments should be psychologically testing before hiring. If mainline churches require racial sensitivity training of all of their clergy, certainly it should be a requirement in the training of our police. 

Clergy defrocked because of violating their vows of loving their parishioners, should not be hired by another denomination. Police who are let go for doing wrong against one or more whom they have sworn to protect, should not be hired by a another Police Department.

Some people should not become, or remain, clergy. Some police should not become officers of the law, or remain, officers. It's time for all sides to talk and even more importantly, to listen and ultimately learn. This past week should not go to waste. It should be used to rehabilitate our systems of rules, laws, and fair and equal treatment. Truly equal justice should be the end goal. It is only right, fair, and truly American (and truly urgent).

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