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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Very Popular Perry Band Conductor and Manager, Jessie and Dick Barth will
Be Moving to Texas July 31st

Jessie and Dick Barth are planning a move to the Austin, Texas area by the end of July. In a recent communication with Jessie, she said to me that they were leaving "at God's direction," which sounded so much like one of her many powerful expressions of faith which I have grown to love. 

She then continued, "We have loved our life in Perrydise which has blessed us with beautiful friendships and many creative opportunities to grow in grace. My sense is that God wants us to be very quiet and listen for the next chapter that is being written for us. We do hope to return to Perry in the summer months if that is possible." 

She paused, and after thinking briefly of the people of the Lake community, she said, "Please give everyone my warmest regards and express just how  much I enjoyed participating in the Summer Sunday services at Epworth each year. Also, our gratitude for support when the PCB performed there in 2017 and 18. I wish them all the best as the summer Silver Lake Experience continues to unfold and prosper."
Dick and Jessie Barth, both musicians, vocalists, and authors, will be within an hour's drive of their youngest son who lives in that area. Needless to say, we do hope that they will be able to return to Silver Lake and Perry for the summers here for how ever long that might be possible. Until then, Bon Voyage!

Perry-Warsaw Airport to get $465,000 in federal safety, infrastructure funds

The Perry-Warsaw Airport will get $465,000 through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in airport safety and infrastructure grant funding. The grant is for the building of a snow removal equipment building.
The Genesee County Airport will get $126,000 in airport safety and infrastructure grant funding. The GC Airport will get money for removal of non-hazardous obstructions. A complete listing of grants and an interactive map of airports receiving funding is available on the FAA website.

Driver Passes Wyoming Patrol Car in No Passing Zone; found to be on drug high

A Buffalo woman apparently was begging to get pulled over. And when she was, she was found to be high on drugs, Wyoming County sheriff’s deputies said.
A deputy was on patrol in a “fully marked” car on Route 20A on June 20 and in a line of traffic when a car came up from behind and began tailgating the deputy.
The driver was “swerving aggressively to the left to see past the patrol vehicle,” deputies said. The driver then passed the patrol car in a no passing zone. The deputy pulled the car over.

No new COVID-19 cases in Genesee, Orleans or Wyoming counties; Livingston sees sole new positive

Only one new COVID-19 case was reported Tuesday within the four-county GLOW region.
Neither Genesee, Orleans or Wyoming counties reported any new cases, while Wyoming County has again cleared its caseload. The sole exception was Livingston County, whose overall total increased to 127.
Wyoming County’s current statistics include:
■ A total of 31 cases have been confirmed in the northwest quadrant that includes Attica, Bennington, Orangeville and Sheldon. Two have been attributed to Attica Correctional Facility and all 31 have recovered.
■ Twenty-five cases have been confirmed in the northeast quadrant that includes Warsaw, Perry, Middlebury and Covington. Twenty of those have recovered and five have died.
■ Fifteen cases have been confirmed in the southeast quadrant that includes Castile, Gainesville, Genesee Falls and Pike. All 15 have recovered.
■ Eighteen cases have been confirmed in the southwest that includes Arcade, Eagle, Java and Wethersfield. All 18 have recovered.
A total of 25 people remained in active quarantine as of Tuesday. That means they had been within six feet of a person who tested positive. None were in mandatory isolation or precautionary quarantine.
The age breakdown of positive COVID-19 cases included 20 people in their 20s; 16 people in their 40s; 15 people in their 60s; 14 people in their 50s; nine people in their 70s; eight people in their 30s; three people in their 80s; two people less than 20 years old; and two people in their 90s.
The county has had 5,441 negative tests.

8 States Added to New York's
14-Day COVID-19 Quarantine

Eight additional states have been added to New York's 14-day quarantine, including California, as coronavirus cases continue to spike in the south and western regions of the United States. 
The full list of states requiring travelers to quarantine for 14 days now stands at: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah. 
States that qualify for the quarantine list must have positive test rates of higher than 10 per 100,000 residents over a 7-day rolling average or be a state with a 10 percent or more positivity rate over seven days on average.
"As an increasing number of states around the country fight significant community spread, New York is taking action to maintain the precarious safety of its phased, data-driven reopening,"Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. "We've set metrics for community spread just as we've set metrics for everything the state does to fight COVID-19, and eight more states have reached the level of spread required to qualify for New York's travel advisory, meaning we will now require individuals traveling to New York from those states to quarantine for 14 days."
Courtesy of Reporter Nick Reisman and Spectrum News

Clouds Should Keep Temps Nice

Monday, June 29, 2020

Asbury Offering Spiedies Thursday 7/2
(Marinated Chicken in Hoagie Roll)
4-6 pm Take-Outs; call by 3; $12

585 237 5262
(Marinated Chicken in Hoagie Roll)
Macaroni Salad, Chips, Pickle, 
Red Velvet Whoopie Pie

Piece Makers Prepare their Blankets; Project Linus Celebrates 25 Years

Rarely a month goes by that Project Linus is not featured in a national magazine or program. ParadePeopleReader’s DigestFamily CircleLadies Home JournalQuiltmakerQuilters NewsletterGuidepostParents MagazineReal SimpleWoman’s Day and many others have helped to spur interest. You may have seen or heard segments about Project Linus on the NBC Nightly NewsToday Show, or even your local newscasts..


On Christmas Eve, 1995, an article titled “Joy to the World” appeared in Parade Magazine. It was written by Pulitzer Prize winning photo-journalist, Eddie Adams. Part of the article featured a petite, downy haired child named Laura:

“Laura has unusual compassion for others,” Charlotte Barry-Williams of Oceanside, California, says of her daughter, who was diagnosed with leukemia in 1993. “I guess part of the reason is that she has experienced so much pain herself.”
A special “blankie” has helped Laura, 3, get through more than two years of intensive chemotherapy. She takes it to the hospital with her when she goes for treatment. When she was first diagnosed, 97 percent of her bone marrow contained cancerous cells. Although chemotherapy has helped eradicate the cancer, she has had to endure nausea, high fevers and the loss of her hair. An allergic reaction at one point caused her to lose vital signs.
“She doesn’t understand what cancer means,” her mother says. “She’s a very joyous and happy person, very curious.” Her mother hopes Laura can start preschool next spring.
After reading the article, Karen Loucks decided to provide homemade security blankets to Denver’s Rocky Mountain Children’s Cancer Center, and Project Linus was born.

The Silver Lake Piecemakers usually meet in Hoag Memorial Hall, but due to the Coronavirus, have been working at home. "Most of the members have made quilts during our quarantine to be donated to Project Linus. We will deliver them in early September," announced Pam Kelly, Piece Makers of Silver Lake.

Spectrum Cable TV and Internet Offline for 6 Hours on a Monday

Monday, Monday, can't trust that day
Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
Oh Monday mornin' you gave me no warnin' of what was to be

Oh Monday, [Cable]*, how could you leave and not take me
* Monday (1966), The Mamas & The Papas

Shortly after 1 pm today, both Spectrum's television connection and its internet system went down without warning. Spectrum identified the problem as work only affecting "your area" and said it should return by 7:30 pm. The system was put back online six hours later, a little after 7 pm as rapidly as it had gone offline.

The outage was apparently planned for either repair or upgrade. Perhaps Spectrum could consider giving notice of such a complete shut down taking up an entire business afternoon. One wonders how many businesses took a hit by losing advertising and sales, and particularly when the economy is already at a low point.
Friday, July 3 - 9:30 p.m. -- Ring of Fire by property owners around the Lake.

Saturday, July 4 - 2:00 p.m. -- Boat Parade beginning from private docks moving counter clockwise around the Lake.


Monday thru Friday Weather

  • AccuWeather:
  • Monday
    Scattered Thunderstorms
  • Tuesday
    Partly Cloudy
  • Wednesday
    Mostly Sunny
  • Thursday
    Mostly Sunny
  • Friday
    Partly Cloudy
  • Spectrum:
  • Spectrum Weather says the chances for rain on Monday are quite slim
  • (Let's see who gets it right)

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Silver Lake Awaits You ...

 Courtesy of Silver Lake Institute
Courtesy of SLA and Silver Lake Marine

Biden Criticizes Trump Over Intelligence on Russian
Bounties on U.S. Troops

Joseph R. Biden Jr.
WASHINGTON — Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. assailed President Trump on Saturday for failing to punish Russia for offering bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops in Afghanistan, while the White House denied that Mr. Trump had been briefed on the months-old classified intelligence assessment about Russia’s activities.

Citing officials briefed on the matter, The New York Times reported on Friday that a Russian military intelligence unit secretly paid Taliban-linked militants to target coalition troops in Afghanistan, including Americans and that Mr. Trump had been briefed about it. The article also reported that the White House’s National Security Council discussed the problem at an interagency meeting in late March, but no response had yet been authorized.

Mr. Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, portrayed that as shameful. 

“Not only has he failed to sanction or impose any kind of consequences on Russia for this egregious violation of international law, Donald Trump has continued his embarrassing campaign of deference and debasing himself before Vladimir Putin,” Mr. Biden said in a virtual town hall event held by a voter group, Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote.

“His entire presidency has been a gift to Putin, but this is beyond the pale,” Mr. Biden added. “It’s a betrayal of the most sacred duty we bear as a nation, to protect and equip our troops when we send them into harm’s way.”                                                        Courtesy of New York Times

Bounties on American Soldiers Heads Paid to Taliban Soldiers by Russia

A Guest Editorial and News Story
by Heather Cox Richardson
with Introduction by Nancy Cully Sellar
New York Times reporter Michael Schwirtz tweeted “it’s hard to overstate what a major escalation this is from Russia. Election meddling and the occasional poisoning are one thing. Paying the Taliban to kill American troops, that’s something entirely new.”
The background by HC Richardson makes clear just how significant this revelation is. If this doesn’t make clear the need to investigate the Trump-Russia connection, what will? Of course Trump will claim that anything done at this point is an election stunt.

Today the United States registered 44,702 new coronavirus cases, a single-day record. Six states-- Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Idaho, and Utah-- also set new single-day highs. In an attempt to stop the spread of the virus, officials in Florida and Texas, where governors have been aggressive about reopening, have both reversed course, announcing that bars must close immediately.
Incredibly, that’s not the day’s biggest story.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

A Letter from the Program Committee to the Silver Lake Institute Residents

Go to the SLI Password Page (left column, top) to view and read the latest details about the summer schedule. This is the same letter that is being dropped off at all the SLI cottages. Its distribution should be kept limited to SLI residents and not exposed to the general public, as per Program Committee instructions.

Flash Flood Watch
Flash Flood Watch in effect from 4:00 AM EDT until 11:00 AM EDT. Source: U.S. National Weather Service
...FLASH FLOOD WATCH IN EFFECT UNTIL 11 AM EDT THIS MORNING...The National Weather Service in Buffalo has expanded the
* Flash Flood Watch to include a portion of western New York... including the following  counties...Allegany...Cattaraugus...Chautauqua...Livingston...Southern Erie and Wyoming.  * Until 11 AM EDT this morning. * Localized rainfall in excess of one and a half inches is possible in the watch area.
* There is a potential for flash flooding due to the combination of hardened ground from recent dry weather and areas of steep terrain.

What's Cancelled, What's Not

Most summer activities are cancelled due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic and according to the New York guidelines as mandated by https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/ 
Silver Lake Association (SLA):
  • All Silver Lake Association events are cancelled except the Ring of Fire and the Boat Parade with boats starting from their own docks at 2 pm, traveling in a counter clockwise direction.

Silver Lake Institute (SLI):
  • All Silver Lake Institute formal programs are cancelled except for those planned for Institute residents only. No Saturday Morning Cafe, No Building Use this year, No Concerts, No Lectures, and No summer worship services.

Silver Lake Fireworks (SLFF) Display:
  • The Silver Lake Fireworks Fund will not have a July 3rd fireworks display. They are, however, planning a tentative End-of-the-Season fireworks display.

Annual Boat Parade on Schedule for July 4th at 2 pm with Minor Changes

The Annual Howard Benedict Memorial Boat Parade is still scheduled to begin at 2 PM July 4th with a few changes. Decorated and undecorated boats are invited to launch from the resident's dock and start to circle Silver Lake counter clockwise. No SLA trophies will be awarded. We ask you to fly an American flag to show your patriotism and show support for all First Responders and Medical Professionals that put forth a heroic effort during this pandemic. The Sheriff will be on the lake (weather permitting) and will help keep boats in order if needed. If boats congregate by the docks of Silver Lake Marine, the Sheriff will start the boats at the designated time.

'Ring of Fire' all Set for Friday, July 3rd at 9:30 pm; Lake Residents Must Purchase Flare on their Own

Silver Lake Association (SLA) tradition of events are very important at Silver Lake especially during the unprecedented time of COVID. Wyoming County is in Phase 3 in the recovery of this pandemic and should be in Phase 4 shortly. So I am pleased to announce that the WYCO Sheriff Dept. has agreed to lead the lighting of the “Ring of Fire” July 3rd at 9:30 pm. With their siren and blue flashing lights they will circle Silver Lake so we can continue this annual tradition celebrating the July 4th Holiday. Flares must be purchased from merchants carrying this product. SLA was not able to purchase our annual stock this year. Bert’s Lumber and Elitsac Lumber and Rental were notified of this matter and may have flares available.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Overnight, Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Rule on 'Obamacare'

During the desperate days for the American South and West in the current pandemic, the White House considers eliminating the health care insurance of millions of people to be in an urgent time for elimination. With the massive unemployment of persons due to the coronavirus, many additional persons have sought health care after losing it through their place of employment. It seems to be the prime time for having the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in place. Can it be that his hatred of Obama is fueling his insistence on eliminating the health care that most people prefer? If not, we are at a loss to find a logical reason for the elimination of health care in the midst of a dangerous pandemic. 

June 26, 2020 10:06 a.m.
The Trump administration argued to the Supreme Court late Thursday that the entire  Affordable Care Act “must fall.”

The Justice Department brief was submitted as unemployment surges across the country and hundreds of thousands of Americans turn to the government program to provide much needed health care as they lose work-sponsored health insurance plans amid the coronavirus pandemic.  The Justice Department is supporting a lawsuit brought by several red states, and so far, lower courts have ruled in favor of the arguments against the ACA.

The case, which could be heard before the election, stands to be not only a major issue in the presidential race, but also puts congressional Republicans on the spot, as they have for years struggled to come up with an Obamacare replacement.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said in a statement that there is “no moral excuse” for the Trump administration’s efforts to tear down the ACA. She called the administration’s position an act of “unfathomable cruelty” amid the pandemic, which threatens the health of many Americans who had already been devastated with large economic losses as the virus shut down American cities. If the justices agree to discard the program, it would leave more than 23 million people uninsured, according to the Washington Post. 

In the government’s brief, U.S. Solicitor General Noel Francisco argued that because a core provision of the program is unconstitutional, the program is effectively invalid as a whole. His claim rests on the notion that an “individual mandate” for people to buy health insurance is no longer valid since Congress eliminated a penalty for non-compliance in 2017. 

“The entire ACA thus must fall with the individual mandate,” the solicitor general wrote.

The brief also pushed to get rid of pre-existing condition rules which stop insurers from refusing patients or charging them higher rates for things like age, gender and health status. The position contradicts Trump’s claim to protect people with pre-existing conditions.

Much Needed Rain
Coming Tonight, Tomorrow

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Baked Goods Available for
Pick Up at Asbury Retreat Center

  Decorated Big Chocolate Chip Cookie, 12 inch round pan   ......   $12.00 
Decorated Big Brownie, 8 x 8 pan  ....................................... $8.00
   Taste of Asbury Maple Dill Honey Mustard Dressing
...........(Gluten Free and Dairy Free 12 oz. bottle) ................. $3.00
Cinnamon Rolls, pkg of 8 (Dairy Free) ................................... $6.00
Pizza Bread, 7 x 10 inch loaf  ............................................. $6.00
Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies ........................................... $5.00
Dozen Oatmeal Raisin Cookies ........................................... $5.00
Dozen Gluten Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies ............................ $6.00
Dinner Rolls, pkg of 12 .................................................... $3.00
Loaf of Fresh Bread ........................................................ $2.00

Decorated Baked Goods can be for Birthday,
Graduation, Fathers Day, or Any Special Occasion!

585-237-5262, info@asburyuny.org, asburyuny.org, 16 Lakeside Ave., Silver Lake, NY 14549

Special Weather Statement
Special Weather Statement in effect until 4:45 PM EDT. Source: U.S. National Weather Service 
Scattered thunderstorms will continue across the western Southern Tier and western Finger Lakes, and areas east and southeast of  Rochester. Some of these storms will produce small hail and wind gusts up to  35 mph, along with brief heavy downpours.
NEW ANNOUNCEMENT for SLI Residents just posted on the SLI Password Page.

Cool Morning, then Warm-Up

Asbury's Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti and Apple Crisp is Today

The next Take-Out is today (Thursday), June 25th, 4-6 pm, $12, and features Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti, Fresh Bread, Mixed Veggies, and Apple Crisp. Call ahead (before 3) to keep things hot and moving (237-5262). You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Rochester, Finger Lakes on Track
To Enter Phase 4 on Friday

Rochester and the Finger Lakes region is on schedule to enter Phase 4 this Friday. Wyoming County is considered as in Finger Lakes region for the purpose of phasing during the pandemic.
“It will not be all encompassing with all of the activities that are currently closed, there will be decisions made,” said Bob Duffy, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, who is also the Special Adviser on Reopening for the Finger Lakes Region.
Duffy says Phase 4 Reopening will include some low risk outdoor and indoor activities. Some of those activities include outside entertainment, art galleries, and museums, but not other popular places people have been waiting to get back to.
Duffy said, “areas such as the malls, gyms, movie theaters, casinos, will not open on the first day of Phase 4, but will open at some time during Phase 4, those guidelines are still being reviewed, there’s a lot of data they’re analyzing right now.”

Cuomo Announces Joint 14-Day Quarantine for People Traveling
From High COVID-19 States

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that people traveling from states with high COVID-19 infection rates will be subject to a 14 day quarantine if they are entering  New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. These are people traveling from states where the infection rate is 10 percent of the population. 
Right now, those states are Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, Washington, Florida, and Utah. This is subject to change depending on how infection rates fluctuate, so the governor said he will update which states are on the list daily. 
"I think it's right, I think it's smart, and I'm glad that we're doing this together," Cuomo said. 
"This is a smart thing to do,” Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey said during the briefing. "The last thing we need to do right now is to subject our folks to another round."
The quarantine goes into effect at midnight on Thursday. People who break the quarantine will be placed in a mandatory quarantine or face fines of up to $10,000 if they cause harm. 

Chris Jacobs, with Significant Lead, Claims NY-27 Primary Victory

Christopher L. Jacobs claimed an overwhelming victory Tuesday in the three-way Republican primary election in the 27th Congressional District to determine who will face Democrat Nate McMurray in the November general election. The 27th District seat was given up by Republican Chris Collins, who plead guilty to federal charges of insider trading.
Jacobs also appeared to be headed to a big victory over McMurray in a simultaneous special election. As of late Tuesday night, Jacobs led with 70% of the vote to 28% for McMurray. Jacobs said it will be “mathematically impossible” for his Democratic challenger to catch up even with tens of thousands of untallied absentee ballots. McMurray replied that he’s “waiting for every last ballot to be counted.”
In the GOP primary, Jacobs claimed 62% of the vote, versus 21% for Beth A. Parlato and 17% for Stefan I. Mychajliw Jr. The primary centered largely on Jacobs’ support for Trump, with the state senator from Orchard Park repeatedly stressing that he was “all in.” The strategy paid off as Jacobs was crushing his opponents with the vast majority of districts reporting.
                       Courtesy Buffalo News

Silver Lake Basin Lawns had been Turning Brown 'til Tuesday's Rains

It was a growing problem and a sad sight and even a little more rain wouldn't hurt at all. The skies have been cloudy for large portions of several days and even caused the day to seem more like twilight, and yet no rain emerged from them. There had been thunder in the distance, but the thunderstorms were always tracking north or south of us. Today, without thunder, the rains finally hit our imagined bullseye and we hope to see the positive results very soon. By the time some of our beloved summer folks arrive, we're hoping to reach the point of lush green all around. Nevertheless, don't forget to bring your sprinkling can for the flowers and some additional colors!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

IN A RECENT NATIONAL POLL, 95% of Americans want "some" change in policing. 5% want "none."

Special Weather Statement
Special Weather Statement in effect until 6:00 PM EDT. Source: U.S. National Weather Service...A LINE OF STRONG THUNDERSTORMS WILL AFFECT NORTHEASTERN WYOMING...NORTHERN LIVINGSTON...ORLEANS...MONROE AND GENESEE COUNTIES...At 503 PM EDT, radar indicated strong thunderstorms were located along a line extending from near Waterport to near Byron to near Attica. Movement was east at 35 mph. Winds in excess of 40 mph are possible with these storms.Torrential rainfall is also occurring with these storms, and may cause localized flooding. Do not drive your vehicle through flooded roadways.

Today is Primary Day;
Time to Get Out the Vote:
Polls Open 6am,12 S Main, Castile

Silver Lakers have two elections to participate in — a primary (if they are registered participants in a party) and a special election to fill out the remainder of the term in Congress vacated by the resignation of Chris Collins. People who requested and received an absentee ballot have to mail them by tomorrow or go to their polling places to vote. Polling places will be laid out in safe spacing and disinfected. Your vote is worth the effort!

Town of Castile has two candidates officially running to fill the vacant seat of former councilman Stan Klein who was named Town Supervisor upon the passing of Keith Granger on January 5, 2020. There is a third unofficial write-in candidate also.

Lifelong resident Cliff Scott-R of Barber Road, Silver Springs retired after 20 years with the Town's Highway Department where he was a Machine Equipment Operator who also assisted the Water and Sewer Department. His civic service includes being a Trustee for Castile United Church of Christ. One of his goals is to help keep property taxes down. He is married to Carol and they have two grown daughters and six grandchildren.

David Phillips of Sowerby Road, Silver Springs, is a lifelong resident also. For the past three years, Phillips has worked as Maintenance Supervisor at Asbury Retreat Center. He previously was self-employed with a custom farming business and equipment sales, and at Burt's Lumber & Building Supply. One of his goals is to see the Town and Silver Lake communities grow to be a better place in which to live and work. He is married to Judy and they have two daughters who are seniors at Perry Central this year.

The third unofficial candidate is Roger Uptegrove of North Main Street, Castile. He is retired and serves as a local church pastor. Uptegrove has been a constant presence at Town Board meetings for many years.

The election will take place on Tuesday, June 23, 2020 from 6 am to 9 pm at Wolfe Creek Event Center at 12 South Main Street, Castile, or use the mail in ballots received in the mail.