Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Silver Lake Post Office Hearing,
a Meeting We Won't Soon Forget

As you prepare to collect the things you need for a summer at the Lake, please remember NOT to bring any postage or medium and large size envelopes. Your Silver Lake Post Office is in NEED of SALES. The percentage of income over expenses provides the Post Office with the information they need in order to determine if the location is profitable or not.

We suspect that our little Silver Lake Post Office continues to run a deficit and thereby jeopardizes the 14549 postal zip code. A little over ten years ago, during the leadership of Pete Mairs, a postal hearing came about for the purpose of determining whether or not to close the Silver Lake Post Office. Even though it occurred in the off season and many had left for their out of state homes, we did our best to represent the need for the post office as a significant part of our community.

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The PO representatives took copious notes and we were told a decision would be made "in a few months" by the powers that be. It was at that time that our beloved Post Office went from being a full time location to being a limited part time location. If another hearing is ever called, it seems certain that its purpose will be to eliminate the location and divide the Institute, placing parts of it in separate zip codes--Perry, Castile and/or Silver Springs--for Rural Delivery with outdoor mailboxes located centrally, such as in the Park. House to house delivery would still not be available because of our private roads.

We need to do all we can to keep our current post office as it is now and with the services it provides now. We were told that the best way of accomplishing this is to encourage everyone to make all their postal purchases at our branch even if they are not a Lake resident! When you leave for home in the fall, take postal supplies with you. Purchase as much as you think you can use during the rest of the year. This includes any Christmas Card mailings, wedding, shower, or birthday party mailings.  Help Silver Lake keep its Post Office--support it fully.

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