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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Some of You are Already Arriving;
For Others, Another Month;
I Come Bearing Gifts...

It was another beautiful warm and wet summer day today in spite of it only being Spring. All of this gorgeous weather makes it seem a little odd that there are yet empty cottages awaiting their loving residents to return. 

We, too, await your return, even the significant number who won't be reading this. Watch for our ad in the Silver Lake Association's colorful Directory for 2020 available very shortly at the newly named Albright Cottage, 6988 Haven Ave.

This summer, in addition to our online Newsletter, we hope to have copies of the Perry Herald and Country Courier available for your reading pleasure. Also in the lineup will be single copies of two magazines--Bazaar and Vantage. When you are done reading the magazine(s) we ask that you pass [them] on to a friend or neighbor. 

If you want your own copy of the Herald or Courier weely for July and August, let us know early in June and we will have it available for you and quite possibly even deliver it during exercise time.

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