Monday, May 18, 2020

Snow is Gone, Spring Temps Arrive; Individuals, Couples Now Stroll the
SLI Streets Gazing at the Forsythia

Spring is such a welcome time as new growth from a wide variety of flowers, bushes and trees begin the process of returning to life. New pedals, greens and flowers, and leaves providing  new life and hope for both food. and simply the joy of it all.

This year there is a hint of disappointment at the possibility of not being able to put on SLI's regular program, worship services, and other classroom events. We wonder about social distancing in an atmosphere so accustomed to closeness for so many years. We question whether masks will hide our usual smiling faces and hearty laughs. But disappointments can so easily be turned into creative possibilities offering new ideas and approaches to medical necessities.

How about a mask contest lasting throughout the summer. Using a plain white mask, hearty smiles and lips of laughter can be drawn or painted onto the mask. Or an Old West theme of red kerchiefs looking the part. How about a different color for each day of the week and see can best keep tract of it all. A mask could be embroidered or sequinned. Masks could have fake pearls or birthday month gems pasted to it. Please feel free to contribute some ideas of your own. You are welcome to share it (one or more) in the comment section below.

Let us take the bitter lemons we have been handed for 2020 and turn them all into Lemonade!

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