Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Four-Day Drop in Readership Blamed on Editor's Unexpected Hospitalization

Editor of the Silver Lake Daily Newsletter, the Rev. Greg Franklin, complained to a home nursing aide last Thursday that the pain in his right foot was continuing. He had been doctoring with his left foot. The nurse took one look and said, "I'm calling your Primary." His Primary Physician told him to come in immediately which he did. Not thinking anything beyond antibiotic tablets, he made no note of his brief travel to the doctor either to friends or readers.

Rev. Greg Franklin
While at the doctor's office, it was determined that there was  a serious Cellulitis infection and the doctor was afraid that it was too close to the bone. The Primary said "You need to be seen by the ER right away. Is your driver available to take you over now?" The Editor responded, "I drove myself here." The Primary responded that this patient should not be walking or driving on that leg. Mr. Franklin agreed to allow the Primary to call the ambulance and he was taken into the ER at WCCH.

"I was there from around Noon on Thursday, May 14th through around 11 am Sunday and received interveinious antibiotics. Next time, if there is one, I will have arrangements in place to place a notice of delay on news collection and the reason, so folks don't worry and can know why one of their favorite Silver Lake news media is stuck in time. Thanks for your patience and support," concluded Rev. Franklin.

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