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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Decision Time Approaches: 1 Week from this Saturday SLI's Summer Schedule will be Determined

"One of the main topics to be discussed at the SLI June meeting is all of the summer programs; breakfast, worship, concerts, etc.  We need to make a decision, which, if any, will be held and where we hold them.  Please note that if we decide to hold the events, we may have to reverse our decision if they are in violation of any NYS policies in place when the events are to be held," said SLI Trustee President Kevin Colburn.

The various committees responsible for the programs will be sharing their discussions and opinions as to what they believe is safely possible and what is not. This will assist the board in their process of the decision making.

When all is said and done, there may be a significant number of persons who do not yet feel comfortable around large groups no matter how far apart they sit. Likewise, NYS rules may not agree with the SLI decisions, in which case, the Board will want to respect the state-wide rules for safety sake.  

The Board is looking into a tent for the season to be placed in Bishop Burt Park which would provide for a large area for persons to be spread out when listening to a program. The Greenway is beautiful but laid out in a long, thin design created originally by and for the railroad which was removed in the 1970s.

Residents appreciate the hard work by the Board and its committees as they strive to do the right thing and the safe thing. The June 6th meeting is not open to the public or the press in order to keep the number gathered down to a minimum and safely spaced.

The "sunset club," not an official group of the Silver Lake Institute, are responsible for their own actions in accordance with the NYS rules. No word on the Dessert on the Dock events yet; we will keep you posted as information becomes available.

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  1. When planning the calendar I ask that you do not take away the ring of fire. This is not done in a park where everyone is together. This is a tradition for all home owners. We need something to look forward too.


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