Thursday, April 16, 2020

White House Task Force Presents Guidelines to 'Opening America'

Thursday's News Conference was distinctly different from several others given by President Trump earlier this week. This one was informative in an organized presentation, allowing for states that suffered the least with the corona-virus to open first, perhaps even as early as tomorrow, according to the President. Those states that continue to suffer on a higher level, will require more time to prepare to open. It is clear that the decision is up to the individual governors. 

The largest deficiency with this entire proposal is the lack of an effective and organized testing regime. This leaves both business leaders and consumers in a state of uncertainty and fear of the virus reemerging even stronger and creating a new crisis for business and their consumers. 

No mention was made of today and yesterday's long lines for food handouts, the excessively large unemployment numbers, and the funds put aside for small business help currently depleted with no workable solution in place. The President did, however, acknowledge the large loss of human life.

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