Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Trump Supporters Calling for a Fully Open Economy with Letting the
Chips Fall Where they May

Supporters of President Trump have been opposed to the shutting down of the economy from the beginning but are only just now starting to speak up publicly saying that it's time to fully open the economy across the nation and not make the pandemic the first priority. They believe the nation can't survive until an inoculation against Covid-19 is found, therefore we must save the nation by bringing back the economy now. People are going to die anyway, why make them and many other Americans paupers in the process?  

This viewpoint, of course, comes from the opposite perspective of those who believe that every life is valuable and that the saving of American lives should continue to be the first priority until the virus is defeated or overcome in some medical/scientific way. There is also a middle-of-the-road position which begins to open the economy slowly and carefully, employing all necessary cautions so as noe to have to retreat back to a closed economy. This is best accomplished through testing which is currently way behind the 8-ball.

These views do not necessarily represent the views of this Newsletter.

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