Monday, April 6, 2020

This Week is Supposed to be the
First of the Worst for NY, NYS;
But there is Debate about it

There is a rather odd mixture of good news and bad news, and it depends who you talk to as to which side of the coin you land on.

On the statistical charts, the apex is the point at which the growing totals level off and begin their descent. This largely depends on the cooperation of the general public not only in New York State, but across the nation. Our cooperation success rate as a nation is definitely not in the top three. State residents will need at least a few more days to see if the current dip is actually the beginning of a downward pattern. So we watch intently for the rest of this week.

Prior to this possible apex, this was to be the first of two or three weeks of a high number of deaths due to COVID-19. Gov. Cuomo has therefore extended the period of "the worst" to April 29 when he hopes current indications will bring a break to all those who have worked so hard and those who have been victims in one way or another.

I appreciate the "heads up." For many, it makes it easier to take smaller periods of time than to have to work with two, three, four or more months at a time. As Cher has said many times, "If I could turn back time" which seems to be an appropriate lanyard for our White House and cabinet. 

Their first intelligence briefing was Jan. 3 but they dallied for the first 70 days after that briefing. Therein lies a serious problem--when the country's leadership doesn't take intelligence seriously. We have now learned that the price of ignorance is just too high to pay, both in our economy and in our health which has become an issue of life and death.

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