Thursday, April 23, 2020

SLI Program Committee Examining Options for Conducting Summer Programs via Covid-19 Rules

According to the professionals whose job it is to answer our questions and attempt to paint a mental picture of what the "new normal" will be between the "re-opening of our country" and the time that a vaccine is developed and distributed. Most say that there is no "getting back to normal" because they say our lives will forever be changed by this experience, if only to remember to annually lineup for an vaccine or learn to use whatever treatment may come about by that time.

Silver Lake's Summer Season of 2020 will be some type of keeping our distance from one another because we have no other defense without a vaccine or treatment regiment. The latest evaluation of life before vaccine tells us that the wide open outdoors will actually be a safer place in which to abide with others than the limited air of an indoor atmosphere with, however, the continued regiment of masks, hand washing, hand sanitizers, and social distancing in both places.

The current thinking for SLI's summer concerts is for the use of "open" tents in Bishop Burt Park now that the Trustees have graciously installed a permanent electric power source back into the Park. The Park had been missing electrical power ever since the arson fire of the 2000-seat auditorium which stood in then-named "Auditorium Park" along Genesee Avenue. The open tents will provide for protection from rain while allowing a free flow of air circulation. The audience themselves, bringing their own lawn chairs, will determine how close or far away they want to be from one another, while the rule o thumb is 6 feet. When there is no rain, the entire park will be available into which to spread out.

Worship Services will still be held down at the Big Blue Dock where there is both electrical power and plenty of room to spread out and provide social distance. Rain will provide the option of returning home, remaining outside with an umbrella, or retreating into Hoag Memorial's ground floor. This is probably getting about as close to the early Lakers' experience before they purchased their first tent--minus the Hoag option! Back then the Institute was known as Camp Wesley: Campgrounds of the Genesee Conference Methodist Episcopal Church. We are now a totally independent 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.

Other activities scheduled for Stoody and Hoag can be conducted outdoors. We assume family units may sit together since they were hold up in their homes all together. None of this is the final word on the summer and folks should come with a mindset for flexibility and overcoming the challenges. Cross your fingers and pray that 2021 will be the year of the vaccine.

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