Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Silver Serpent Triathlon 2020
Set for Sunday, May 31st

Bert Gallmon, CEO of the Silver Serpent Triathlon asked the Silver Lake Association (SLA) for assistance getting the word out to as many people of the “Lake District” as possible. They are looking for help (volunteers) for the Triathlon. This year's three events take place on Sunday, May 31st. This is Mr. Gallmon's letter to the SLA:

Good Evening Friends, I am writing to you to introduce all of you together, as we are in need of some volunteer help. Jessica is handling all of the volunteers and I know Mark and Dick you have mentioned that you might be able to help, so here we are asking for some help.

For the Serpent we need ideally about 110 folks to realistically keep people safe not only on the water, but on the roads. I have all of the Police and Sheriffs all set for some of the intersections. We also have a local Boy Scout Group, some close friends and about 10 kayakers so far, but that is not enough.
Thank you for all of the support and the offers to help with this event. As of right now we are about 53 ahead of last year, so we will have about 220 athletes this year, which is amazing!!!!

Thank you again.
Bert Gallmon CEO

If you want to help, contact Mark Emmerson, President SLA, at or through the SLA Main Site ( or the Facebook site.

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