Thursday, April 9, 2020

POTUS wants U.S. Back to Work
Fast; Health Advisers Urge May 31; Either way Silver Lake will be affected

President Trump wants to see everyone return to work "with a bang." The Fed Chair is calling for a national plan which avoids the problem of a false start that could put us right back into the problem. His health advisers say that the first ones back to work should be either those who have had the disease and now have antibodies, those who are the least "at risk," or those who have received platelets with antibodies (a process not yet approved by the FDA). In other words, those who have been tested and had their status confirmed.

The President is proposing a second task force possibly to set up the return of Americans to the newly-opening work force. It is hoped that the testing can be dramatically increased so as to clear workers to return relatively safely to working around others. Newly-developed habits of hand washing, hand sanitizer, mask, daily temperature-taking, and other features may be required to keep the work place free of the disease. Nevertheless, a compromise date may have to be setup if agreement cannot be reached on the May 31 date.

The main restriction which might affect the summer schedules for Silver Lake would be the maintaining of six feet apart from the next nearest person and masks would be particularly uncomfortable in the summer heat.

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