Thursday, April 16, 2020

New NYS Rule: Masks Should be Used
in Public and Public Transportation

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, in today's News Conference from Albany, said the new rule of wearing masks in public and public transportation is nearly impossible to enforce, so he wants to thank all New York State residents for their cooperation in the State's efforts to reduce the spread of the virus, as they have been doing so well.

Current charts show that--statistically--one person in the State of New York is now infecting point 9 (.9) other people--which is less than one person infecting one other person. When New York goes back to work, a statistical increase of one person infecting one point two (1.2) other people is too high, so the effort is to reduce the rate below .9 to give the flexibility of an increase without going over 1.0. Gov. Cuomo has extended the "NY PAUSE" to May 15th.

Business leaders are hesitant to open while consumer confidence is low. This lack of confidence appears to be mainly because of a lack of testing. Testing enables a better means by which to analyze the Covid-19 status in the population. New York State continues to coordinate with four other of its State neighbors.

In Monday's News Conference, Gov. Cuomo said he believes the worst of the COVID-19 crisis is over, but said people need to stay the course for now. Describing the situation as potentially “the end of the beginning,” he also outlined what it may look like as the economy begins to restart.
“You still have 2,000 people per day who are coming into the hospital system,” he said, describing the numbers as they stand. The curve in New York continues to flatten, and as of Monday morning, said the state appears to have hit a plateau, Cuomo said in his Monday briefing.
“The increase has slowed down, it has flattened out for a period of time, nobody knows how long because nobody has been here before,” he said. However, on Sunday, 671 more people died bringing the death total to 10,056. Where the state goes from here is eventually re-opening the economy. Cuomo said it’s a delicate balance and never has been done before.
“Also you look around the world, and you see warning signs from countries who have opened,” the governor said. “I want to learn from those other countries.” The steps which will go toward re-opening is easing isolation, increasing economic activity, recalibrate the essential worker economy, applying more testing and precautions, and do not increase the infection rate. So the next steps will be designed by experts — not politicians — in the public health and economic fields.
The wider geographical area for the plan, the better, and coordinate all the systems of economic, transportation and schools. Federal support that attends to the need and testing will be key, as well as keeping up precautions. “While we are doing this, we have to remember to stay the course and not jeopardize what we have achieved, and we have achieved much,” Cuomo said.
Cuomo said the economy is still functioning — never turned off, but turned way, way down. Testing and precautions will be needed as the businesses incrementally come on-line again.
“The meter is the infection rate, and watch that infection rate,” he said. “If you see the infection rate picking up — and that would be undermining everything we have accomplished thus far, then you know you’ve opened the valve too fast. That is the delicate balance we have to work through and that has never been done before.”
He advised the situation won’t be over like switching a light switch off, for everybody to leave their house and everything reopens at once. “I would love to say that’s going to happen,” Cuomo said. “It’s not going to happen that way. It can’t happen that way.” It’s rather a situation where points of resolution occur over time, and people can feel a bit calmer and better, but it will be incremental, he said.
The situation will be truly over once an effective vaccine is developed — which is expected to take 12 to 18 months, he said.
“We’re controlling the spread,” he said. “... If you isolate if you take the precautions, your family won’t get infected. Feel good about that.” “The worst is over,” he said. “Yeah, if we continue to be smart going forward, because remember, we have the hand on the valve. You turn the valve too fast and the numbers will jump right back ... but I think you can say the worst is over.”

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