Thursday, April 16, 2020

In a Recent Poll, 81% of the US Population wants to Keep Social Distancing until Testing is in Place

As organized and improved as President Trump's Thursday News Conference was, it also pointed out that the President is on a different track than a significant majority of the American people which includes business leaders and consumers. The answer is obvious to the US Population and most of the States' governors ... testing, testing, testing. 

Equipment and labor for testing capacity is said to be the problem, but it's an easier overcome problem than trying to push forward without testing and contact testing. We have to live with the virus until a vaccine is found. Trump says the States are responsible for testing. Even if that is true, the States need help from the Federal government and Trump does not understand this. Or if he does, he is effectively ignoring it. We're in this together, dear White House, let's act like we're in unity about it.

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