Monday, April 20, 2020

Biden Tells Political Ad Agency, 'Roll the Tape [of Trump]' which then becomes Powerful Political Ad

For a man so geared toward how things appear and sound on the television screen, Presideent Trump is also one who very quickly forgets that most of what he says publicly is recorded on video and digital "tape." This week, in trying to rewrite history about Joe Biden and Joe's opinions of and dealings with China, Trump attempted to put Joe Biden in an awkward position. Trump's every effort was destroyed as his own words undercut his record of events from video tape. Trump's use of the phrase "Nobody's seen anything like it" or "More than anyone can imagine" continuously reminds us of his limited life experience. It may be a difficult election year for President Trump.

On the other hand, when the President permits his professional people do the explaining, it works out so much better as it did again at today's press briefing.

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