Thursday, April 23, 2020

Asbury Kitchen Gets Good Reviews
for their current Take Out Dinners

"Very Good," "Tasty," "Better than Mine," "Excellent cooking for large groups," "Who would suspect such delicious food from a place that used to be exclusively a camp, not many years ago." Building on a long reputation of good meals, under the supervision of Director Sue Russell and her very capable cook, Davina, this new 2020 project of Take Out Meals made necessary by the current pandemic of Covid-19 and the State restrictions imposed for the safety of residents.

The Asbury parking lot in relationship to the kitchen's back door has proven to be an ideal situation for cars lining up to pick up their evening meal with the help of Asbury personnel coming right to the individual car windows to which the hot meal is brought and the money paid, completing a deal in the safest of ways with limited contact using masks. The other day I found money in the bottom of the washing machine and then thought "not a bad idea in these days of pandemic." I handed those bills out later that day and exclaimed, "here you go--freshly laundered!"

Mid Week at Silver Lake is turning out to be "dinner out" nights, or more precisely, "dinner take out nights." It's catching on. More than a social tradition, it is important to note that social distancing has made Asbury revenue-challenged and they are our valuable neighbors during a time of need. They provide many things for the Silver Lake Community, one of which is their co-sponsorship with the Silver Lake Institute in their biennial "Silver Lake Experience," the next one slated for August 5-8, 2021. Watch this Newsletter for upcoming meal dates.

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