Wednesday, March 18, 2020

What will Summer of 2020 Look Like? Concerts? Golf Tournament Luncheon? SLI Breakfasts? Nurse Taking Temps?

To follow the Corona-virus Pandemic is to quickly understand that the time line and expectations of the pandemic is very difficult, if not impossible, to predict! Some say the actions we are taking now will permit us to return to normal within a short number of weeks or months. Others say that current actions will reduce the graphic curve (or "wave") but once normal circulation of folks resumes, so does the spreading of the COVID-19 disease.

How does one go about planning for a summer resort area such as Silver Lake, New York? Obviously, if we are back to completely and genuinely normal, there is little to be worried about. Previously planned events and regularly enjoyed activities will take place without worry--or hopefully so. But what if some degree of caution would remain necessary in order to prevent another wide-spreading of the virus? The professionals say the virus will remain just as much of a problem until we have a effective (proven) vaccine or therapeutic antibody treatment which isn't expected to be developed for 12 to 18 months!

Will it be possible to plan every event in two different ways?  The first being the way we have always done it and the second being with six feet in between individuals or even six feet between families or persons living in the same household? Would that serve as a possible alternative way of conducting business and play?

Would it even be remotely possible to have an alternative plan for our special mealtimes such as the Golf Tournament Luncheon or the SLI Breakfasts? Would seating people six feet apart deny the congeniality, warmth or friendliness that we seek during the special times of the summer? Will the elderly still be at high risk while trying to relax and enjoy their time at Silver Lake? Will Dessert on the Dock be affected or the Sunset Club or the Sailing Club? And what about our business meetings?

Your ideas are needed to stimulate our thinking about how to make a successful summer at Silver Lake since there is no one around any more who experienced the 1918 disease event. Feel free to use the Comment Section below or our email ( which will then be placed in the Comment Section. Ideas can be anonymous but it's much more enjoyable to know which one of our friends is expressing their thoughts. Thank you! (Greg Franklin)

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  1. I’ve been pondering these things too and will be interested to see the responses.


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