Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Summer 2020: Silver Lake is Silver Lake with or without Planned Entertainment or Work

The Silver Lake Institute's Program Committee has planned another summer of great entertainment and opportunities under these three categories: Friday Night Concert Series; No cost Saturday Specials; and Special Events around the Lake. (If you haven't already, check it out by clicking HERE). They work hard to get these programs scheduled at an affordable price, yet free to the public.

The rules created to stem the spread of the corona-virus may or may not still be in affect by July and August, or they may be somewhat relaxed. We will either find a way to conform to the rules (if rules remain) or eliminate the program item. If cancelling something helps to save one or more lives, it is so worth it and so rewarding. It would be Silver Lake in its best form--compassion for others through the sacrifice of our entertainment schedule.

The current stay-at-home rule has a good chance to be altered or eliminated during the remaining days of March, April, May, and June. If so, that would eliminate the first part of the problem. As for attendance at the events, people may not be as ready to rub shoulders as those in power who might relax the rules.

We must remember that not one minute of worry will do anything toward solving the problem. The final decisions lie with Program Committee and possibly the Board of Trustees, should they choose to be part of the decision process.

As for me, I will look forward to the summer, come what may. Silver Lake will be Silver Lake even if all scheduled activities were eliminated. But the summer 2020 season is a full quarter of a year away plus a number of days.  We may be surprised what April-May-June will bring. 

Anyway, Friends and Neighbors are probably the biggest part of the summer season for me. It's been a long, quiet winter, except for the Mid-Winter Survivors event! I look forward to everyone's return and I do mean everyone. Variety is the spice of life! I will love to kibitz with you at 3 feet or 6 feet--whichever is permitted. 
G. Franklin

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