Monday, March 16, 2020

Since I Know I Can't Fight City Hall,
I've Decided to Go with the Grain

I have been being treated for an infection in my foot which creates considerable pain in my toes which then works its way further into the foot. I first saw the NP this past Friday. Today is Monday and I am scheduled for a follow up visit on Wednesday. I received a call from my Primary Care Center telling me that the follow up call would be conducted in my car!

"Just pull up in front and I'll be right out to examine you," were the instructions. Since walking is difficult for me in the first place and since I don't mind removing my shoe in public, I actually was rather thrilled to hear about this "drive up appointment." Their purpose was to keep people who are "not sick" out of the office and avoiding others who have not been diagnosed yet away from the "well" patients. I didn't need the explanation, but it made perfect sense in light of all the illness going on in the world today.

My hope is that after all the trauma with the corona-virus has leveled off, I hope I am permitted to request other follow up visits "in drive up form." Should I ever have to drop my drawers at an examination, I will be perfectly happy to accomplish that during an in-the-office exam. Follow-up visits for easily visible irregularities would seem to lend themselves to a drive-in visit and all the efficiency that goes with it.

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