Friday, March 20, 2020

Reminder that the Biennial Silver Lake Experience is the Summer of 2021; Planners are Pressing ahead

Some of the many who find tremendous enjoyment in the 4-Day Silver Lake Experience were beginning to think that the "Experience" may be hurt by this corona-virus pandemic. The Experience is one of the few popular events that occurs biennially as opposed to most of Silver Lake's activities which are planned annually. That leaves us 16 months to deal with the pandemic before the Experience's opening. It is our highest hope that by August of 2021, a very effective vaccine will have been discovered and distributed so that everyone will have been vaccinated against this particular corona-virus and life will have returned to normal.

On the other hand, this summer's concerts, parades, luncheons and breakfasts are facing an unknown future for 2020. We can hope for the best, but the medical professionals are not as hopeful as we would like them to be--although we do appreciate their honesty and educated evaluations. See this week's previous article, "What will the Summer of 2020 Look Like? (Click HERE to view it). The article calls for readers' opinions and ideas, but so far, we all seem to remain rather speechless as we ponder the possibilities--or try to.

As for 2021, the planners press ahead in their long term preparations so that their 4th Experience event will be just as rich, just as inviting, just as much fun, and just as much entertainment! Save those dates for next summer--August 5-8, 2021. Three very low priced days gets you the full Experience with a free bonus day on the 8th which includes an outdoor ecumenical worship, a closing hot dog picnic, and a Big Band Sound concert. Beginning January 1, 2021, follow the information, schedule, and registration at

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