Tuesday, March 24, 2020

President Trump Calls for 'Packed Churches' on Easter, April 12; Pope Cancels all Masses for Easter Sunday

The Pope appears to be truly pro-life. The Pope canceled this year's celebration of Easter--the highest and holiest--to save the lives of "God's people." President Trump leaves the question open for his part. "I don't want the cure to be worse than the problem," said the President. Cure? One wonders to what he is referring here.

In light of the corona-virus, and the suffering and death created, has the President and AG Barr discontinued their court challenge to eliminate the Affordable Care Act? The answer was in the news today: "No." They continue to press ahead to eliminate health care as we know it today in the United States. This seems like such a cruel time to do away with assisted health insurance that people have grown to love and depend on....

"New York is the canary in the coal mine... We are the test case... We are your future," said Governor Andrew Cuomo as he was questioned about the President's statement about packed churches just three weeks from this Sunday. The President indicated that we have a choice between Covid-19 deaths or thousands of suicide deaths should the economy close. It's almost as though our President can't conceive of  life without an abundance of money at all times or the hope of gaining substantially more than one needs. The Congress is working on this concern.

At this point, the President did not bring the Congress into the question. Both houses of Congress are working long hours to bring a bipartisan agreement to provide money (paychecks) to those who have lost them and those who may be about to lose them. The bill also addresses the financial needs of the companies, both large and small, who need financial backing loans so when the virus is defeated, the companies still exist and promise in writing to bring back all of their employees. So, does this not already address the issue of needed money during the health crisis?

President Trump seems to be allowing for the sacrificing of elderly lives, those with compromised immune systems, and those with pre-existing conditions in addition to young, healthy people who also are losing their lives to Covid-19. It's almost as though he is suggesting that it is perfectly appropriate to establish a policy which chooses which Americans live and which will have to die. What is truly unfortunate is that our President is making statements and speaking of beliefs which are sounding more and more radically different when compared to the American people's ideas of a compassionate nation.

The Christian faith tells to pray for our leaders. Perhaps we should pray that our President's heart will be open to mercy, compassion, and healing; that he find the wisdom and strength to take on the responsibility that he so recently declined on national television; that he yield just a little bit more to the medical professionals whose oath is first and foremost, "Do No Harm."

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