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Saturday, March 7, 2020

If This Was A Summer Day

The latest temperature is 28 degrees. There may be a few folks that might even call that mild, but I don't because if I spent time out in it, my arthritis would almost immediately notify me that I am in a place that is four degrees below freezing. "Art," short for Arthritis, is persnickety that way--he is unable to keep his opinions to himself. It would be even worse if he was able to constantly verbalize how much he hurts instead of giving his very quiet but painful messages.

It is aggravating, however, to hear from him just minutes after giving him a wonderful, yet gentle and generous massage with Aspercreme. Eventually he calms down for a while. See how easy it is to slip into conversation those things creating pain and discomfort, even though we know discussing it doesn't make it any easier to bare the burden, unless of course you are commiserating with each other. 

Yes, if only this was a summer day. It's already a very bright sunshine and the sky is bluer than I've seen it in a long time. My music preparations for tomorrow at Perry First are complete as are most other responsibilities. That means I wouldn't be shirking my work just to play outside! I would drive the neighborhoods, stopping to greet friends and neighbors and take tremendous enjoyment from kibitzing with them in the warm breezes! But not yet--it isn't even officially Spring yet, but soon, perhaps before we know it ... and we will be more than ready for it!

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