Thursday, March 26, 2020

GPS location service gives Wyoming County an 'A' grade in Social Distancing

Unacast, a company that provides location tracking software to developers of mobile games and other mobile software, is using an aggregate count of people's movements to determine how communities throughout the United States are doing when it comes to social distancing in the battle against the corona-virus.
While the State of New York gets an overall A grade, Genesee County is marked down to a C grade, based on reducing travel by only about 21 percent. (48% earns an A.) Unacast’s location data comes from shopping, utility and games apps that tens of millions of Americans have installed on mobile devices.

While Wyoming County got an A, Livingston and Orleans counties got B grades. The other surrounding counties are A's except for Genesee County which is ranked in the bottom five counties in the state for social distancing. At least Genesee is not getting the F grade handed out to the entire State of Wyoming. View the Social Distancing scoreboard here

Source: Unacast

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