Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Feature Article on Epworth Hall Coming later this Week, Weekend

Articles that involve History are ones that usually grab my attention quickly. The one being considered for later this week is not ancient history, much of which has already been covered, and is not "current history" because that hasn't been written yet or even accomplished for that matter.

This feature will be from the relatively recent years when interest was peeking for Epworth to receive some kindness through upgrading. It's initially interesting because it takes place during a time when upgrading, remodeling and improving were not yet a regular priority of the Institute as a whole. Admittedly the Institute negotiated for Epworth Hall to be returned from the Campus map (Camp Asbury) to the Institute map because of some obvious deterioration in the building that needed attention before Epworth reached the state that other lost historical buildings did..

Deterioration was an alarming factor since that seemed to be the way the Camp, in those days, were dealing with the older and historical buildings. Two points of reference were the Epworth Inn which ultimately had to be torn down in 1972 because of many years lacking in proper and appropriate upkeep. The second point of reference was the Methodist Manor which we sadly watched bend and contort to the whims of mother nature without the interruption of reasonable upkeep. There were also a number of cabins that had to be torn down because there apparently was no means or no will, or both, to keep them up!

We weren't always as fortunate as to have such great Camp Directors as our last two and including Norb Silor, nor to have Conference Trustees committed enough to keep up the property for the sake of faith and camping, families and children. They raised money for new buildings but just didn't seem to have the heart or love for the historical buildings left to us by the foremothers and forefathers who went before to give us a great place of beauty and history in which to grow spiritually, and to enjoy.

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