Friday, March 20, 2020

Briefings by Governors, Mayors Give Action Reports; Federal Briefings
Mostly Talk, Actions on Hold

"At War with No Ammo"
NYC Hospitals: "We're Getting Pounded"
No P.P.E. Supplies, Lack of Space Threaten Hospitals

Friday evening, President Donald J. Trump finally declared New York State as a Major Disaster Area, a designation sought by its two Senators who saw what was on the horizon some time ago. Washington State continues to seek that same designation which provides for additional help from the federal government. The current problem is that the federal government has dallied for so long, it is far behind and may not be able to catch up in time to save lives.

Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) is already at such a dangerously low level that our front line medical professionals are forced to re-use masks which are designed for singular use for the sake of safety and prevention.  Hospitals are putting out calls for persons adept at using sewing machines and 3D printers to begin producing medical masks. The link will introduce you to the subject so you are able to make an intelligent decision. This is how desperately help is needed. 

It's not that the President refuses to help, but that he has these things on order and asked that they be shipped directly to the States. The States, however, are indicating that they are not receiving what has been ordered for them. In addition, face masks, gloves, gowns, ventilators and other breathing apparatus are current urgent needs without a solid backup plan.

The President has said he has activated some of his war powers such as making private industry begin producing the things needed. The problem is that the President is not one to plan ahead and is waiting to see the need for it. The professionals are telling us, the nation is well past the initial need for it--States are in the midst of the crisis.

The contradictions between what can be observed and what the President openly declares is growing daily. There is also contradictions between the President's "happy talk" and Dr. Anthony Fauci's professional opinions. If you are a proponent of medical science, it is growing very difficult to take our President seriously.

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