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Thursday, February 13, 2020

This Evening we begin moving into a
2-day bout of frigid, single digit Cold
in the midst of this warmest winter

Temperatures have already begun dropping below the record warm temperatures of this 2019-2020 winter. At midnight it was 17° on the north end and 13° at the south end. Tonight's low temperature on the north end will be 6° but the south end is registering that it has already his its low of double digit 13° for Thursday night and 1° Friday night. The north end's Friday night temp should be 14°. Let's see if the south end can hold 13° for the rest of Thursday night.

The south end also registered no precipitation for today while the north end saw several inches but not the high totals forecast. With both of Silver Lake's temperatures in double digits Friday night (north 14°, south just recently lowered to 1°), it serves as a gentle indication that S/L just may get hit as hard as other areas currently forecasting bitter Friday night temperatures. For example, Warsaw and Geneseo are forecast to be 5° Friday night.

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