Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Snow Flurries, Sunshine Brought us
the First of Two Cold Days, Nights Before Milder Friday thru Monday

It's just natural to complain about cold days and nights and even more natural to complain about several inches of snow. Throw in couple of days of icy conditions and the main topic of conversation begins to evolve around outdoor conditions. This year (2019-2020) has been the warmest winter season on record. Somehow, we simply are not impressed. Of course the next logical comment after "warmest of the season" just naturally will have something to do with climate change and the fact that "warmth" by itself is not always a good thing.

After several years of watching massive fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and droughts on our television screens, some of us have turned to openly admitting that we would rather have our traditional four seasons, fresh water lakes and even lake effect snow when compared to the much more damaging affects of Mother Nature's wreaking of havoc which takes place in some of the other areas of the country. We don't have to evacuate our homes, but rather huddle up in a warm blanket during the worst of our storms. Yes we do experience "damage" during some storms, but as a rule it's more manageable than some of the total destruction we witness in the lives of so many.

There are those who are compelled to challenge Mother Nature and simply can't help themselves as they strap on their down hill skis and manipulate the fast trails. I remember loving tobogganing but that was in my youth and childhood. Now I am of the opinion that snow and cold are best experienced through the windows of my living room, as I dream of the days of daffodils and hyacinths. 

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