Monday, February 10, 2020

Silver Lake Sportsmen's Club
also known for Good Food, Cold
Beer, Nightlife, and Social Times

In addition to hunting, fishing, boating and target practice, the Silver Lake Sportsmen's Club (SLSC) is also a well rounded club that provides opportunities through social events, good food, excellent dining, and special events. It is one of only a handful of places in Perry for nightlife. Kay Prame Evans says of SLSC, it is "friendly, fun, the food is awesome and the beer is cold."

The Sportsmen Club is located at 3563 Silver Lake Rd., (585-237-2110) in the Town of Perry just yards before the Village of Perry line near the Castile Water building. The village, between that point and Camp Rd., actually sits on Town of Castile land. The south side of Camp Rd. is maintained by Castile and the north side of Camp Rd. by the Village of Perry. The boundaries sound more complex than they actually are.

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