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Friday, February 7, 2020

Silver Lake Association Cancels April Meeting because of Easter Weekend; Epworth Hall Chosen as 2020 Location

The Silver Lake Association (SLA), has chosen to skip the first scheduled meeting of the 2020 season, rather than being in conflict with the Easter weekend which includes Holy Saturday and Easter Vigil. This makes the May 9th meeting, the first meeting of the season. Meetings are always held on the second Saturday of the month. October 10th will be the wrap-up meeting for 2020.

There has also been a change in the location of the SLA's 2020 meetings. This season, SLA will be meeting at Epworth Hall, Chapman Road, corner of Perry Ave. and Janes Ave. on the southern side of the Silver Lake Institute grounds. Epworth Hall, also known as the Performing Arts Center at Epworth Hall, is handicap accessible and will soon be sporting a new roof and an upgraded and much brighter lighting system.

If the location of the monthly meeting is to change, 10 day prior notice will be given.  Dates and location are subject to change on availability.

Meetings at Epworth Hall will give residents and trustees a unique opportunity to discover the work of the SLA in more detail and promote its purposes and objectives. Reports in your Silver Lake Daily Newsletter will also be more timely and provide more information.

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