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Monday, January 6, 2020

Mid-Winters Survivors Planning Committee Expands on the 2020 Gathering; Seeks Community Input

Over the course of the last three years, Mid-Winter Survivors (MWS) have come up with many different thoughts, ideas, and preferences from activity participants. The planning committee has been slowly introducing different ideas into the annual gathering and even picked up a good idea from November's newly introduced fall gathering--music and dancing. It seemed to get everyone conversing quickly and into the mood for an SLI Mid-Winter Survivors party for all its residents--especially those weathering the long, quiet winter on the SLI grounds.

The next event is the annual Mid-Winters Survivors (MWS) Party on Saturday, February 1, 2020 (Ground Hog's Day Weekend). The committee would like to try several different ideas that they have received over the last 12 months as opposed to just one new idea per event. Although no one has spoken against our two-year emphasis on the pizza party, there has also been talk of other possibilities for food. The committee will be discussing the following proposal this week and would appreciate any input that their neighbors would be willing to share within the next day or two:

The proposed time is 1:00 pm so as to avoid night driving for those who have difficulty with it. When you call in your reservations (RSVP) for the MWS Party on Feb. 1st, each person planning on coming will be asked to choose their personal food preference for the gathering. The proposal is to provide six (6) different options from which guests can choose, five of which include coffee, tea, or soft drink. The options being proposed are: 
(1) "Lunch Option" -- Asbury's famous wrapped sandwich lunch with accouterments and salad, all for $7; 
(2) "Pizza Option 1" -- cheese-pepperoni, $5;
(3) "Pizza Option 2" -- cheese-veggie pizza, $5;
(4) "Snack Food" option which may include cheese, crackers, chips, pretzels, etc., all for $3; 
(5) "Coffee, Tea, or Soft Drink" -- no food included -- $1.
(6) I am coming to the party but do not plan to eat or drink anything (donations will be accepted for the generous use of the Koinonia Inn facilities).

These are proposals and available for comment and recommendation. Call or visit Greg Franklin at 493-4003 or 6988 Haven and then watch here for the final results! (Does anyone have any records, CDs, or cassette tapes of their favorite music or time period music?)

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The Christmas Season was over at Midnight (Jan. 5th). 
Today (Jan. 6th) is Epiphany.
Epiphany is the Arrival of the Wise Men (Magi) in Bethlehem
for the purpose of honoring the "new born king of the Jews"

through the giving of gifts. Epiphany is also known as "Three Kings Day," although the Bible does not identify the Wise Men (Magi) as kings, nor does it say there were three of them. The use of "kings" may have come from the 1857 hymn entitled "We Three Kings of Orient Are" by John Henry Hopkins Jr. (1820-1891). The 1857 hymn was first published in 1863 in the midst of the Civil War. His most important musical publication was his collection, Carols, Hymns and Songs (1863-1887). The Season of Epiphany ends with the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday.


  1. We would welcome a cocktail party before. To loosen everybody up for the party

    1. Thank you for your helpful suggestion. As with all ideas, we will look into the level of interest followed by the practicalities of bringing it about. Thanks again.

    2. A quick look at the practicalities of a cocktail party show that both the Silver Lake Institute and the Asbury Retreat Center have current, long-standing policies restricting alcoholic beverages from being used in any of their buildings, parks, streets, walkways, or public areas owned by the SLI or the Asbury Retreat Center. The only places that alcoholic beverages are permitted are within the private homes of residents of the Silver Lake Institute where the private insurance of the home owner covers the event (check your individual policy). This apparently means that any private residence could offer a cocktail party but it could not be advertised as an official function of the Silver Lake Institute under current policies and by-laws. It is my understanding that our current SLI property insurance is based and priced on our current restrictive policies and by-laws. Cocktail parties are also possible off the SLI grounds such as area restaurants, breweries, bars, etc. These off-grounds cocktail parties could not, however, be advertised as official functions of the Silver Lake Institute. Based on this, the current Mid-Winter Survivors Planning Committee could not be involved in the planning or execution of this type of function. Any planned cocktail parties could be advertised in this Newsletter (free of charge) as an "independent, unofficial function which extends a warm invitation to residents of the Silver Lake Institute...." Anyone finding disagreement with the above statements, are welcome to challenge our understandings with the Silver Lake Institute Board of Trustees. We will then follow the lead of the Trustees on issues specifically involving the Silver Lake Institute. We will also continue to abide by the policies of the Asbury Retreat Center when on their grounds. The statements above are based on my personal experience serving on the Silver Lake Institute Board of Trustees from 2007 through 2015 and having also served on the Executive and Legal committees.


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